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BALLET FOR ALL - public event 2019

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Are you passionate and wondrous on the power of The Wunderful ? Epitomise your alchemy of life and let others join in and even learn from YOUR Wunderful in an easy and fun way. What do you love to do and share with The Wunderful ? Chilled and relaxed get together, special partys, cultured events, incredible nature experiences, winter and summer hiking and outdoor stuff, exhilarating fun activities, unusual adventures, nice gaming breakfasts, afternoons and evenings, socializing brunches, delightful evenings with movies and play, healthy cooking, mindful eating in serene places, wellbeing and feel good stuff, immediately adaptable practical self improvement, highlight your appearance, theatre, happy dancing classes, evenings out dancing together, innovative body and mind movements, story telling, live music, and so much more you never thought is possible and ever heard of. Share your good crazy! Let’s do and create the good wondrous life in the most wunderful community coming alive. Are you curious? Are you ready?

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar

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