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TalentSpace is on a mission to connect digital talents with the world's most forward-thinking companies.

We do so through a variety of online and offline experiences which are designed to help get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

Online Experiences
TS Engage offers you free one-on-one video chats with current employees at the companies that are shaping the future. These employees offer their valuable time so you can get all your questions answered. As specialists in their field, they can offer real and authentic insights into your dream job.

Offline Experiences
Talent Summits are our flagship experience and are held in the leading startup hubs around Europe including Berlin, Paris, and London. These 1-3 day conferences give talents access to the most-forward thinking companies where they engage with them through a variety of program formats including interviews, speed-dating rounds, insight sessions, pitch battles, career fairs, and more!

Talent Nights are one-evening events that help graduates/young professionals to personally get in touch with many of the leaders from their city's local ecosystem. Besides receiving invaluable insights, these experiences also provide a unique chance for participants to learn more about the career opportunities at these firms. Previous Talent Nights have been held in metropoles such as Barcelona, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, and much more.

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Through this group, we would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. Our only two rules are that you attend our experiences with a positive mentality and a curious mind!

We look forward to connecting with you!

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