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CRAFT BEER // Monterey 5th Birthday - Where The Wild Things Are
Please ask at the bar for the rest of the MEETUP group. It´s our 5th birthday and we want to celebrate this milestone with you, our beloved "Wild Things". It´s been 5 years of change, evolving and trying to find out what we are and who we are. We still don´t know. We do know that we like to do things our way, we are fiercely independent, we don´t follow trends, we evolve and start them fresh. Like you The Monterey Bar is wild, free and we love an adventure so this birthday is gonna be a different experience, a celebration of 5 years but also a sneak peek through a portal to what the future of this bar holds. We have imagination, we have space, we have time on our side and we have very loyal guests who have supported us every step of the way and we thankyou so much for this. Our theme for our 5th Birthday is a tribute to the legendary children´s book "Where The Wild Things Are ". We will be decorating the bar in a magical way like the book and the film. We are all children deep down who love adventure, mischief, to be loved and accepted for who we are and to find a place where this happens, where magic happens. This is what bars are after all, an adults playground right ? We are promising a fantastic tap list again, some "wild ales" tasting sections, a "wild kitchen", absinthe, wine, whisky , great music, illustration, visual exhibition, film, fortune telling and more. You are going to have the opportunity to release your inner child on this night and discover some new places you might not have realized or could imagine existed in the Monterey bar, hidden away from normal sight which we´ve been working on for months ;) We promise you some wild surprises for this very special night. We are really excited to attempt this and hope to have you here to celebrate 5 great years with us. "There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen" ........ Well, there is a such a place it´s called The Monterey Bar ;) Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are.

Monterey Bar

Danziger Straße 61, 10435 Berlin · Berlin

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Our aim is to find some of the most unique Beer,food and spirits available in Berlin. We will visit some interesting bars & restaurants that feature craft beers, local made & international. Fine Whiskey, cocktails and house specials. Restaurants, cafes and small takeaways with an authentic angle to sample delicious food and drink.

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