Worum es bei uns geht

Welcome to Terrible BeachVolleyball Berlin!

Do you want to play Beach Volleyball, just for fun? Are you a bit unfit, a bit old, or a bit Terrible? Want to have a relaxed game and maybe a couple of beers after? Then Terrible Beach Volleyball is for you!

Anyone can play: any ability, any age (or almost any - 18+) and any gender.

NOT SUITABLE for experienced and/or competitive players - we just want to have fun.

On weekends, the court at BeachMitte cost 19.50 € per hour, which we will share between the players (approx. 2 € per Person). We will always book (and pay) only 1 court in advance. If more than 12 people are on time, we will directly book another court. If not, we will start with 1 court and decide later if we need an additional court or not, depending on the number of late arrivals.

HOWEVER - we will delegate the job of booking the second court to two of the late arrivals (with all the necessary instructions).

So, if you are on time - you can play a bit more - if you are late, you can still play, but you might have to run back to the bar and book the second court for us.

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