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#TheAgeOfDevOps DevOps can be seen as a project management method, which deals along other things with establishing a deployment pipeline and includes the concepts of CI, CD and CT. Usually it is more referred to a culture change, since it influences the organization of the project as well as many processes and the tooling and techniques which are used. The overall mission is to decrease the deliver-to-market time with a high technical quality. It basically represents the fusion of tools, processes, people, resources in general and organization of the development and operation of applications and infrastructure. The execution of DevOps can vary a lot, important is to establish a continuous flow in the whole product cycle.

The founder of this group are three engineers of the company SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, who developed an understanding of what DevOps is in many projects and various fields of the IT industry. This group specifically focuses on the datacenter IT infrastructure world, which becomes more and more a software development environment, due to the improvments of infrastructure as code.

Sponsored by SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH www.sva.de.

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