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The Berlin Facebook Marketers / Masterminds.

Let's come together and "Learn More" (familiar?;) about Facebook.

We work with the creation, measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Facebook campaigns. We use digital data from different sources (like mobile apps, websites, Google Analytics etc.), for the purposes of understanding and optimizing campaign performances.

The following is your daily bread?

✗ Power Editor ✗ Custom Audiences ✗ Facebook Conversion Tracking ✗ Facebook Pixel

✓ Join us and learn more, discuss and share your knowledge among like-minded people

This group aims to be a platform for:

Everyone interested or working in Facebook, Instagram, Atlas & co. Discussions, Panels, Tutorials, and much more (e.g. beer): Web or mobile app tracking, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Attribution Modeling, SEM, Social Media Marketing, , Mixpanel, A/B-Testing, Affiliate Marketing, Checkout Pixels, Tracking Pixels, Tag Management.

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