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Welcome to the Hamburg Board Gaming Club!

We’re an international group of slightly nerdy, likeable, English-speaking people who are into all sorts of games and get together regularly to play and have fun. We’re open to all genres and styles, be it strategy games, card games, role playing (pen & paper or otherwise), family games, party games and many more.

We’re meeting regularly every Sunday at 4 pm in a larger group playing all sorts of games. This is your best chance to get to know us (and for us to get to know you). Aside from that there are many other, smaller meetups, some of which are public, some are only open to active members and some are by invitation only. We are also an open forum, where every active member can themselves host a meetup. So if you absolutely want something to happen on a specific day of the week or if you want to host a game night for a specific game, talk to the organisers to help you set up a meetup for that. Or talk to the people you would like to play with directly at one of our other meetups.

The main language at all of our meetups is English. So if you don’t speak German, this is the right group for you. About half of our members are native speakers of German or speak German well enough to play board games in German, so it might happen that there’s a table where everyone speaks German and they agree to speak German while playing. However, we cannot guarantee this happens.

Du sprichst kein Englisch? Kein Problem. Wir sind eine bunt gemischte Truppe mit vielen verschiedenen Muttersprachen, daher ist bei uns Englisch die Hauptkommunikationssprache. Es gibt aber noch zahlreiche weitere Spielekreise und -gruppen in Hamburg und Umgebung, bei denen auf jeden Fall Deutsch gesprochen wird. Tatsächlich sind es so viele, dass man an fast jedem Wochentag in fast jeder Himmelsrichtung etwas spielen kann. Zur weiteren Information empfehlen wir euch die Facebookseite der Spielkultur Hamburg e.V. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/413054888728461/) und das Spiele-Informationsportal auf Groops (http://www.groops.de/spiele-informations-portal/events). Hier findet ihr auch gut gepflegte Veranstaltungslisten.

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