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Zug Chicks Gathering+Healthy Apero - breathe, meditate & dance your heart out!
A community gathering for women who love to dance! Join us and enjoy a safe space to dance without talking, drinking and the nightclub vibe. This is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body and connecting with yourself and others feeling joyful and ALIVE. PROCESS: 7:15pm - Arriving to the location 7:30 - 8pm - Opening Circle - Heart focused Breathwork, Intention setting & Meditation 8 - 9:30pm - Dance as if no one is watching! Healthy apero is provided. 9:30 - 10pm - Closing Circle, silence. Below guidelines to maintain ultimate freedom : - This is a freeform dance - feel free to dance as you please. - Opening the dance together by activating heart center with heart focused breathwork and grounding meditation creates sacred space, intention and sense of community. - If you wish to engage in conversation, please do so in the living room area. - We dance barefoot deepening connection to Mama Earth. - This is an alcohol free event, inviting you to reach your own natural state of ecstasy. Healthy snacks and beverages are provided. - Awareness allows us to respect each other’s space without any judgement. - Should you wish to interact non-verbally with others during the dance: Namaste hands in prayer position, meaning: " The Divine in me sees and honors Divine in you and in that space we are ONE."

Mediationszentrum Moment-sein

Baarerstrasse 59 · Zug

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