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Welcome to The Family (http://thefamily.co) Meetups in Berlin! 🇩🇪

This group is for all the startup lovers who want to get their hands dirty and build amazing scalable companies. We invite entrepreneurs & doers from Europe and Silicon Valley to share their experiences on stage. These talks are meant to provide insights and actionable advice across all areas of entrepreneurship - Product, Growth, Operations, Tech, Fundraising, and more!

Each talk is followed by a cocktail to give you a chance to meet other ambitious founders. 👊🏽

The Family is an organisation that empowers entrepreneurs through education, unfair advantages, and capital. Launched 5 years ago in France, TheFamily is growing its infrastructure across Europe, supporting a portfolio of 600 promising startups. 🚀

All our events are FREE and OPEN to all. 👻

At TheFamily, we believe an entrepreneur can come from anywhere. We bet on education as a tool of emancipation and refuse the status quo. Come help us change the world and spread the word! 😉

The Family (http://www.thefamily.co) Team.

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🔥 Making Successful Product Decisions w/ Marley Spoon & N26 🔥

*** REGISTRATION THROUGH EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/making-successful-product-decisions-w-marley-spoon-n26-tickets-64981880554?aff=Meetup *** You don't solve a problem with an answer, you solve a problem with a question! And that's what startups do continuously: solve product problems. We have two amazing people joining us at The Family to share their expertise around product: 🔥 Charles Vestal, Head of Digital Product Management at Marley Spoon 🔥 Omkar Pimple, Senior Android Engineer at N26 // LINE UP ➡️ ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: APPROACHES TO IDENTIFY AND MEASURE THE SUCCESS OF PRODUCT DECISIONS, Charles Vestal, Head of Digital Product Management at Marley Spoon „You don't solve a problem with an answer, you solve a problem with a question“. Startups need to continuously solve product problems. This may ultimately help transform them from a small business into a global company. It's import to have techniques to understand what problems to solve and how to go about it while keeping in mind that your customers ultimately don't care about what you do, but care about what you do for them. Through a discussion on the processes of a data-driven product department at Marley Spoon, this talk will showcase how to analyze problems, the best ways to measure the success of your solutions, and how failure can develop into product insights and customer successes.💪 Charles’ multi-faceted career path has taken him through a broad swath of the digital world. His passion for technology paired with his customer-oriented mindset have taken his professional journey from his beginnings as a web consultant to a digital producer building products for Disney, Paramount Pictures, FOX Networks, and Google, among others. After launching dozens of products for clients, his deep-dive into product leadership began as Director of Product for adtech startup ThoughtLeadr, before becoming Head of Production at Uncorked Studios, a product design agency based in Portland focused on the intersection of digital and physical. Today, he oversees the Digital Product Management Department at Marley Spoon, where he keeps pursuing his ultimate goal to keep building value for businesses and their users.🚀 ➡️ RELEASING MOBILE APPS RELIABLY, CONSISTENTLY AND QUICKLY AT SCALE, Omkar Pimple, Senior Android Engineer at N26 This talk sheds some light on how mobile app release management evolved at N26, the hidden complexity and dependencies among stakeholders for each release, and the process we engineered to tackle this complexity as the company underwent hypergrowth. Omkar is a software engineer currently working at N26 GmbH, where he focuses on building mobile architecture, design systems, engineering processes and teams that perform at scale. He also works on his own Android pet projects that have reached over 5 million users across 180+ countries. 🙌 --- The event is 100% open and free! 😉 It will be followed by a Q&A to satisfy your curiosity as well as some time to get to know each other over cookies and drinks 🍪🍷 Don't forget to register to let us know you're coming 😉: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/making-successful-product-decisions-w-marley-spoon-n26-tickets-64981880554?aff=Meetup ------------------------------------- The Family nurtures ambitious startups in Europe. Could it be you? ❤️ 💪 A community of +600 founders & a team of 30 warriors on-demand. 🚀An infrastructure of services to help you grow fast. 💎 Access to the best capital in Europe (€500M raised collectively). Apply for the next session here: http://bit.ly/_JoinTheFamily About The Family (www.thefamily.co) The Family is a minority, strategic and long-term associate in +200 startups in Europe. Based in Paris, London and Berlin, we provide education, tools, and access to capital to ambitious founders. Raised €500M for our portfolio so far. If we can help entrepreneurs make the most of the European ecosystem, we'll be happy!

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