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We are mentors, doers, strategists, marketers, designers, project managers, coordinators, developers and idea owners.

We meet, we work together, brainstorm and execute. We find a way, we get things done, we make things happen. We bring ideas to life, following a clear, pragmatic model. We stay involved until the idea flies then we spin it off to live on its own and move on. This is for the committed, passionate, serial entrepreneur or those who want, through action, to become one.

Our initial focus is on software technologies, modern products, solutions and services supporting entrepreneurship, local startups, web technologies and services that can leverage the power of social networks and internet.

If you feel you have energy, ideas, passion and skill, knowledge and a sense of purpose, join us. You'll find others like you and a place to exercise your skills, create value and make long-lasting, like-minded friends.

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