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TW hosts: Serenata de Amor, AI for social control of public administration
Operation Serenata de Amor, Portuguese for "love serenade", is a Brazilian civic project seeking to analyze open data to inform the general public about government spending and corruption. Growing from a pet project to news shows on national tv, we are currently the larger successful crowdfunding campaign for a tech project in Latin America. Powered by machine learning, we already reported hundreds of politicians for misuse of public money. In the past one and half year, 134 congresspeople returned values wrongly received after being called out (in private and in public). Currently, we maintain the source code available on GitHub (3.3k+ stars), a Facebook page (69k+ likes) and a Twitter account (23k+ followers). https://serenata.ai/en/ https://github.com/okfn-brasil/serenata-de-amor https://twitter.com/rosiedaserenata https://www.facebook.com/operacaoSerenataDeAmor/

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