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ThoughtWorks is a software consultancy - and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals.We have one mission: We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients' toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change.

We are intentional about making technology a better place for all. ThoughtWorkers are encouraged to stand up, speak up, and advocate for who and what they believe in. We host events and talks tackling intersectionality, discrimination and bias in tech because we believe conversations create understanding and diversity in organizations and thinking.

Here you are free to learn and to share on any platform. Free to feel safe in your own skin. Free to follow your latest curiosity to an unknown place. Free to challenge ideas, assumptions, and solutions - no matter who they belong to (respectfully). Free to experiment and recommend the right tech without bias. Free to change career paths. Free to make technology a better place for all.

We like to share our knowledge and would like to invite you to become part of this meetup group to stay up to date with our latest events - you don't have to be a ThoughtWorker to join this community :)

Our venue in Munich is a barrier free non-smoking area. The toilets are wheelchair accessible.


ThoughtWorks ist eine Software Beratung – und eine Gemeinschaft von engagierten, zielorientierten Menschen.

Wir wollen die Technologiebranche zu einem besseren Ort für alle machen. Wir ermutigen ThoughtWorkerInnen, aufzustehen, sich frei zu äußern und dafür einzutreten, an wen und an was sie glauben. Wir veranstalten Events und Vorträge zu Themen wie z.B. Diskriminierung oder Vorurteile in der Technologiebranche, weil wir glauben, dass Konversation Verständnis und Vielfalt schafft.

Als ThoughtWorker hast du die Freiheit, auf allen möglichen Wegen und Plattformen zu lernen und das Gelernte mit anderen zu teilen. Du bist frei, du selbst zu sein. Frei, den Themen, die dich begeistern, zu folgen und unbekannte Bereiche oder Tech Stacks zu erkunden. Frei, Ideen, Annahmen und Lösungen in Frage zu stellen – egal zu wem sie gehören. Frei, zu experimentieren. Frei, deinen Weg zu ändern. Frei, die Welt durch Technologie zu einem besseren Ort zu machen.

Wir konzentrieren uns auf die Weiterentwicklung der ganzen Software-Branche. Und wir finden, Wissen sollte man teilen.

Werde Teil unserer Meetup Gruppe und bleibe auf dem Laufenden über unsere aktuelle Events - du musst kein ThoughtWorkerIn sein, um Teil dieser Gemeinschaft zu sein :)

Unser Veranstaltungsort in München ist eine barrierefreie Nichtraucherzone. Die Toiletten sind mit Rollstühlen zugänglich.

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TW hosts: "Everybody's a Developer"

ThoughtWorks Munich

Join us for this Tuesday evening with Edaqa to find out why our culture must become more inclusive, rather than a war of titles. In a war of titles, we're increasingly losing focus on what is vital to development. The path to better technology lies in working together, not only as teams but across teams throughout an organization. Let's take a look at the dangers of isolation, specialization and throwing things over the wall. By improving how we view each other, we can improve the product, increase morale, and build a strong sense of self-worth for yourself. Stop the game of words and embrace everybody as a developer. Edaqa Mortoray is an accomplished programmer, a creative writer and explorer of culinary delights. For over 20 years, he's followed a diverse, and oft-unusual, career path. His journey traces through several countries, filled with great people and culture. Dedicating his time to numerous startups, and an abundance of side projects, his stories are served with triumph, some disappointment, and a side of humour. AGENDA 18:00 Snacks, drinks and mingle 18:30 Talk and questions 20:00 More questions, drinks and mingle

XConf Europe 2019

smartvillage GmbH

***GET YOUR TICKET HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/xconf-europe-2019-tickets-56098705739 *** What is XConf? No fluff. No filler. Just real tech. XConf is created by technologists for technologists, for people who care deeply about software and its impact on the world. Now in its 6th year, ThoughtWorks XConf will be hosted across the UK, Germany and Spain. Join us as we welcome Neal Ford, Director Software Architect, ThoughtWorks to the stage as our keynote speaker! At XConf you will: - Discover emerging technologies and practices, use cases, and real stories - Learn how to implement new technologies where you work and have greater impact - Hear from people who broke through seemingly insurmountable resistance to change - Talk with other interesting and ambitious technologists - Let go of previously-held assumptions and gain new perspectives This one-day, two-track event gives you in direct access to a diverse range of ThoughtWorks senior technologists working on our clients’ most complex challenges. Very important note: You can only attend after registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/xconf-europe-2019-tickets-56098705739

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TW presents: Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning (CD4ML)

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