Worum es bei uns geht

PhD and PostDoc are the entry gate to being an independent researcher.

Clara and John are both very talented and have a strong passion.
They both go for a PhD.

Clara's supervisor is mentoring her, she is surrounded by a group that is fostering her and motivating her to a constant improvement.
She gets more and more motivated, she publishes papers and presents her findings at conferences.
Clara is happy.

John's supervisor is absent, always traveling.
John suggests very interesting ideas to his supervisors, but they are not taken into serious considerations.
John's interesting results go rotten in his supervisor's drawers for months and months.
John is desperate and decide to quit Science and Research.

What if John, if properly mentored, could have found a cure for cancer?
What if John, if properly coached, could have found a way to produce clean energy for the entire mankind?
What if John ... WAS YOU?

In this group we provide you with everything you need to be a Clara and not a John:
- Mutual group of support
- How-Tos workshops to learn the soft skills you need to thrive in academia
- Inpiration and warnings via interviews
- Coaching and Mentoring
- Connections with industries for your next step

If you are a master student, a PhD student or a PostDoc,
you have everything to gain in attending the events of this group.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Doctor Sco

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