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Token Engineering Berlin
Token Engineering Berlin
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Our speakers:
Marina Markežič (Unlawcked, COALA)
Florian Glatz (Blockchain Lawyer, Bundesblock)
Beth McCarthy (Ocean Protocol, DAOincubator)

For a new Crypto Legal System!

In early 2019, Vlad Zamfir called for new crypto legal system, taking „a global best effort that taps into the bests legal thought available, that is rigorously treated by the best legal minds on the planet, from as many legal traditions and schools of thought as possible. We can’t afford to screw it up. And we have no idea how it’s going to turn out.“

For sure, automation and decentralization will have a huge impact on society and law. Crypto tokens considered as a security, financial instrument or virtual currency have caught regulators’ attention across the globe.
In addition, cryptoeconomic components, like Token Bonding Curves to fund and govern open-source projects, open up a whole new range of legal implications.

In our session we will explore these new challenges and introduce some of the latest developments on our journey to Crypto Law.

Our talks:
1) “Security Token Engineering: a new discipline”, Florian Glatz
2) "Pragmatic decentralization: strategies for surviving in a world of continuous legal uncertainty", Marina Markežič
3) "Our Keys, Our Data: Designing Data Trusts with Ocean Protocol", Beth McCarthy

About Marina Markežič:
Marina is a lawyer focusing on the legal questions concerning blockchain and DLTs. She is advising projects on legal and governance matters, especially on DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and researching pressing topics in the blockchain space.
Marina co-founded Unlawcked, a consulting and research firm bridging the legal and tech world. She is actively involved in the Ethereum community, focusing on legal and governance topics: she's contributing to COALA, DAO incubator and local meetups presenting Ethereum projects, and speaking at events and conferences about DAOs and digital law.

About Florian Glatz:
Florian has been a lawyer, software developer and consultant in the blockchain space since 2014. He co-founded the Legal Tech Center and the German Blockchain Association, for which he services as president. As a lawyer, Florian helps startups and corporations alike to navigate the uncharted waters of applied blockchain technology in a world of legacy legal systems. In 2018, he's founded Fundament Securities, and launched the first fully regulated security token for real estate investments in Germany.

About Beth McCarthy:
Beth McCarthy is community developer at Ocean Protocol and co-founder of DAOincubator, an interdisciplinary innovation lab and co-working collective supporting research, design & development of DAO projects and initiatives. Beth’s approach to human-centered mechanism/incentive design draws on legal education at University of California, Hastings College of the Law and training at the Legal Design Lab at Stanford d.School. Combined with experience developing computational behavioral systems at Stanford School of Medicine’s Wall Lab, Nightingale (YC S14) and as an applied behavior analyst. Beth graduated from University of California, Berkeley with degrees in Mind, Brain & Behavior and Comparative Literature and is continually delighted at the opportunity to geek out about all these things simultaneously in the blockchain space.

******Please note: New location*****
This time we’ll meet at Supermarkt, Mehringplatz 9, Berlin.
SUPERMARKT is an independent project space in Berlin-Kreuzberg offering projects, workshops and conferences on digital culture and alternative economies.

Many thanks to Supermarkt and Ocean Protocol for hosting/sponsoring us!!