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Token Engineering Berlin
Token Engineering Berlin
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When we’ve put together the program for this meetup, we were actually referring to Towel Day May 25th.
But in the light of COVID-19, „don’t panic“ has become a different flavor indeed. In the last couple of weeks we’ve taken a step back and reviewed what should be the main objective for the TokenEngineering community in 2020.

More than ever, we’d like to focus on education, and help to grow the number of token engineers that are able to apply critical thinking and rigor methods towards the development of new economic systems.

In this meetup we’ll present what we’ve in stock for you! Join us if you want to learn Token Engineering, if you are interested in our working groups and how to get active in the field.

Our speakers:
Michael Zargham - BlockScience
Burrrata - AraCred
Jeff Emmett - The Commons Stack
Sebnem Rusitschka -
Angela Kreitenweis - TokenEngineering Community

The agenda:

1) Michael Zargham: TokenEngineering, a Value-Based Approach
2) Angela Kreitenweis: Community Focus 2020, Education & Contribution
3) Burrrata, Michael Zargham: Aracreds -> TE Creds, Forming Organisational Structures for the Token Engineering Community
4) Jeff Emmett/Burrrata: New TokenEngineering website
5) Sebnem Rusitschka:, A Hitchhiker's Guide to Token Engineering
6) Angela: TokenEngineering Reviews, Roadmap