Quadratic Funding Applied - Let’s Move the Needle!


The power of Quadratic Funding: Let's move the needle for #TokenEngineering projects!

There are two exciting projects currently running a grant campaign on GitCoin:
- cadCAD.org (Computer Aided Design for Complex Systems), https://gitcoin.co/grants/308/cadcad-computer-aided-design-for-complex-systems
- CommonsStack.org (Modeling Sustainable Funding for Public Goods), https://gitcoin.co/grants/277/commons-simulator-modeling-sustainable-funding-for

The exciting thing: Gitcoin Grants uses a Quadratic Funding mechanism to top-off community contributions.

The more individual supporters fund a grant, the more additional funding from the CLR matching pool they will receive.
As a result, 1 DAI donations can lead upwards to 100 DAI in matching for top grant recipients.

Here's our plan for Friday:
First we'll dive deeper into Quadratic Funding - and then let's collaboratively MOVE THE NEEDLE!

The agenda:
- Quadratic Funding / Quadratic Voting: Why quadratic? What does it do?
- Why are we voting with money? Is there a difference between votes and dollars in blockchain systems?
- The importance of cadCAD to token engineering & crypto in general
- Details on the simulator we're building with the grant
- Gitcoin contribution demo + MOVE THE NEEDLE together

Our speakers:
- Michael Zargham, cadCAD.org
- Griff Green, CommonStack.org
- Jeff Emmett, CommonsStack.org
- Kris Decoodt, CommonsStack.org

You're not sure how to contribute to a Gitcoin grant? It's quite straightforward, take a look at this guide: