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Transformational Guidance and Life Coaching
I am available to work as a transformational guide with people one-to-one, and have extensive experience working with women and men from many different cultures, social backgrounds, and ages, supporting them in their psychological healing and integration, fulfilling relationships, the expression of their unique purpose, and spiritual awakening. As such, my approach to working with people integrates coaching, psychotherapy, and spiritual guidance. I have experience working with people both long- and short-term, and I am able to work with people both online via skype or in person in Berlin. My rate is €75 p/session, with each session being 90 minutes once a week. If that rate is beyond someone’s current financial means and they feel a sincere call to work with me, I invite them to tell me that so we can collaboratively explore an alternative that makes it possible. You can contact me at: [masked] MOTIVATION Part of my inspiration for this work comes from the fact that today I believe we are in the midst of a new global renaissance. For the first time humanity has access to all the wisdom and knowledge that has been gathered around the world on what it means to live a life that is awakened, integrated and in harmony with the whole. Coming from the East and West, North and South, we now are able to integrate these different approaches to reveal a new vision of the path of life. My inspiration also comes from the fact that I have had intimate exposure to so many of the different ways that human beings suffer in this world, and this has impacted my life, my heart and my path deeply. In the last years I have been privileged to work with women and men of different cultures, nationalities, ages, and experiences. Something I have learned for this is that though the circumstances of people’s lives may be very different, their internal processes are often very similar. We all seek happiness, wholeness, and coherence in ourselves, in our relationships, and in our engagement with the world. AREAS THAT I WORK ON WITH PEOPLE INCLUDE: At the physical and energetic level: the relationship between diet and energetic vitality; what it means to live a deeply healthy physical life; the chakra system and its relation to the endocrine system; heart coherence; healing at the level of the body; a healthy and alive relationship to your body, its wisdom, and to sexual energy and sexuality for men and women. At the emotional level: the characteristics of emotional health, emotional intelligence, and the unconscious dimensions of our psyche; connecting with our feelings, belly and heart; tracing where we can get caught in painful cycles of emotional reactivity, anxiety and trauma, and learning to ground unconditional self-love, self-worth and self-care for ourselves, and loving compassion for all beings. At the mental level: the characteristics of optimal mental health; examining the core beliefs and assumptions we have about ourselves, our relationships, and the world, and releasing those that no longer serve so as to liberate our bodies and minds into fuller expression; considering what the most fulfilling, wise and compassionate worldviews would look like. At the soul level: connecting more and more deeply to our higher selves as a source of inspiration and guidance in life. In doing so, we explore the deeper dimensions of ourselves as journeying spiritual beings. We can look to activate your soul consciousness, soul purpose, connection to your soul family and unique path of participation in collective evolution. We can look into the unique facets, qualities and energies embodied by your soul, and its journey and desired expression in this incarnation. At the level of spirit: we can look at what the spiritual traditions mean by awakening to the source and ground of all being – the infinite awake presence that transcends, embraces and is arising as the entire kosmos. We can look at what this awakening entails and we can consider its profound effects on the rest of our being, bringing mind, emotion, our energy systems and body into coherence with this unity. In all of my work with people, I bring unconditional friendship, deep knowledge on human development, softness, love, clarity, and empowering support. I believe every human being can be happy, whole, and inspired by their life.

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    Jon Darrall-Rew is a transformational guide, working with women and men from many different cultures, social backgrounds, and ages, supporting them in their psychological healing and integration, healthy relationships, expression of their unique purpose, and spiritual awakening.

    Jon is a spiritual, psychological, and social change practitioner. He is dedicated to supporting the emergence of a global spirituality that honours and integrates all the wisdom and knowledge humanity has cultivated on what it means to live a life that is awakened, integrated, in harmony with the whole, and that participates in the evolution of humanity.

    Jon has been a student of the world’s spiritual traditions for most of his life, with a particular focus on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Dzogchen, as well as the Trans-Himalayan teachings of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Bruce Lyon, and Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. Jon teaches the Dzogchen preliminary practices under the guidance of his Tibetan Lama, has a BSc in Psychology, and is a certified leadership consultant. He is a facilitator of WEpractice, a form of collective spiritual practice that focuses on creating fields of collective intimacy, trust, awakening and intelligence, and is co-author with Dustin DiPerna of the forthcoming book, Earth is Eden.

    Jon is the co-founder of Synergy Forum, an international initiative dedicated to the integration of spiritual awakening with social transformation. Between 2011-2014, he was head of the international spiritual community, Shamballa School. And between 2012-2015 he worked as part of the leadership team of a project based in Interlaken, Switzerland, exploring how a deeper understanding of spiritual awakening might inform globally cooperative efforts toward the evolution of human civilisation. Jon lives in Berlin, Germany.

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