meeting #59 - Get the most out of your data layer


Meeting #59 - Get the most out of your data layer

2 speakers

- Michael Simons (Aachen, Germany)

- Vlad Mihalcea (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)


Don't fight against your tools: get the most of your persistent layer. By attending this presentation, you'll learn how you to write portable applications AND make use of your database.

We'll show you how to combine the get the best out of two awesome data access frameworks:

- For reads, SQL and jOOQ are the best way to fetch data efficiently.

- For writes, Hibernate allows you to take advantage of batching, or provide application-level concurrency control mechanisms, and consistent caching.

Part 1 - Database centric applications with Spring Boot and jOOQ

jOOQ is one of several quite different technologies to access relational data from Java based applications.

jOOQ is short for "Java object oriented querying" and describes a query builder framework that takes a look at your database schema, independent of what database you use, and provides you with a domain specific language (DSL) for generating statements.

Learn in this session who you can facilitate the "magic" of Spring Boot to provide jOOQ with needed resources and then use it to publish advanced analytic queries as HTTP apis.
jOOQ is not gonna be presented as a silver bullet, which it is not. But it allows you to facilitate your database the way it was meant to be, especially during reads.
You’re doing Domain Driven Design (DDD) in your projects? Don’t mix up JPA entities and aggregates, entities and value objects from Evans’ book. Can it be a good idea to create custom selects and just the objects you need for your Domain? Let’s discuss!

About Michael Simons

Michael is a certified iSAQB software architect who loves to code. He works for ENERKO INFORMATIK in Aachen and helps public utility companies buying commodities at German energy exchange. Furthermore, the company provides a geographical information system for planning power grids.

Michael writes in his blog ( about his long time work with and in the Spring ecosystem and several posts have been featured on the the last years. You'll also find many posts about software architecture there.

Part 2 - Get the most out of Hibernate


While SQL is still the best way to fetch data from a relational database,Hibernate shines when it comes to writing it back.

This presentation offers a variety of write-based persistence tips related like:

- Batching and statement caching

- 2nd-level caching and when you should really use it

- Concurrency control techniques which go beyond ACID, 2PL or MVCC

About Vlad Mihalcea - Hibernate Developer Advocate working for Red Hat. He is passionate about enterprise systems, data access frameworks and distributed systems.

He blogged over 60 articles about Hibernate on and he has a gold badge for the Hibernate tag on StackOverflow.

He's currently writing the High-Performance Java Persistence book (


18:30 - 19:00 reception

19:00 ~ 19:50 part 1

20:00 ~ 20:50 part 2

20:50 - networking

Event sponsored by Accesa