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Trust in Tech Cologne ist eine über 700 Personen starke Community mit Fokus auf IT-Security. Bereits seit drei Jahren organisieren wir uns regelmäßig monatlich zu abendlichen Meetups in unterschiedlicher Konstellation. Dabei verlieren wir nie unseren diversen Blick auf die Vielfältigkeit von IT-Umgebungen vornehmlich aus dem Enterprise Kontext. Wir analysieren die Mittel, Methoden und Wege der Angreifer und beschäftigen uns mit modernen und bewährten Sicherheits- und Produktansätzen. Wir lernen und diskutieren offen und wertschätzend - betrachten dabei Produkte und Hersteller unabhängig wie fair und freuen uns über jeden Interessierten / Teilnehmer, egal aus welchen Gründen er sich für uns interessierst.

Trust in Tech Cologne is a 573*-strong community focused on IT security. For three years now we have been organizing regular monthly meetings in different constellations. In doing so, we never lose our diverse view of complex IT environments, primarily from the enterprise context. We analyze the means, methods and ways of attackers and deal with modern and proven security and product approaches. We learn and discuss openly and appreciatively - while looking at products and manufacturers independently and fairly. We are pleased about every interested party, vendor and participant, no matter for what ethical reasons.

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Harnessing ML & Security Research to detect Advanced Persistent Threats

Identifying threats inside your organization and their potential impact - whether a compromised entity or a malicious insider - has always been a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.
Sifting through alerts, connecting the dots, and active hunting all add up to massive amounts of time and effort expended with minimal returns, and the possibility of sophisticated threats simply evading discovery.
Particularly elusive threats like zero-day, targeted, and advanced persistent threats can be the most dangerous to your organization, making their detection all the more critical.
In recent years, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) become a prominent solution to address those challenges.
In this session we will introduce our novel approach to detect compromised accounts by combining attack signals based on cyber security expertise, known attack vectors and deep learning.

Our speakers are Yasmin Bokobza -Data Scientist & Machine Learning Researcher at Microsoft and Itay Argoety - Senior PM Team Lead.

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