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In 2017, without any warning, Meetup stopped non-admins from suggesting new meetups - removing the platform feature that enabled Hackathons and Jams UK to work without an impossible workload on the admins. So we can't currently accept hackathons into the calendar. Instead you plucky hackers have been posting a new Discussion topic (https://www.meetup.com/UK-Hackathons-and-Jams/discussions/) for each new hackathon you organise or discover, which is the best we can do if Meetup won't listen.

For those of us that enjoy participating in hackathons and jams - where we create and compete to produce the next big thing that will change the world... even if it's just a little bit at a time.


You MUST follow the links in the event description to sign up on each hackathon's dedicated signup page.

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Rethinking Potholes

Dorking Halls

Surrey County Council are looking for ideas to help assist; - predicting and prioritising scaling works issues - dynamically re-routing/managing delivery teams - fleet management optimisation - streamlining works licensing with councils - reducing materials tar waste due to poor loadout and works planning There are other elements but it gives you an idea. +ADD, an agile and design led innovation practice, is looking for digital companies interested in the highways space to get involved in an innovation programme (free to participate). The end goal is to establish pilots, PoCs and trials of novel solutions developed in consortia. We can source data if peeps would like to demo different thinking to the council and Kier (its Highways Maintenance contractor). Here is the detail and a link to the registration page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rethinking-potholes-surrey-county-council-tickets-62038290196

Care Innovation Challenge


A competition for entrepreneurs to kick start new ideas and create businesses that solve the most pressing issues of the care sector. Registration is for teams of 2-3 people: https://careinnovationhub.org/apply-now

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The hackathons of these venerable organisers: • nhshackday.com • rewiredstate.org are not listed as individual events here but do check them out, they both run brilliant hackathons that massively improve other people's lives. Always follow the links and instructions for sign-up and registration in event descriptions These hackathons are no longer listed on this meetup because somebody on here wilfully refused to register as clearly instructed with the hackathon organisers and instead turned up at government and university buildings expecting entry just because of an RSVP on this meetup. That is stupid. Hackathon organisers put in a huge effort to make these events happen for us. Have respect for them, register properly and enjoy making stuff together.

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HackXLR8- The official London Tech Week Hackathon!

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