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Revival of the UX Book Club Berlin for digital people into dead trees. Begins in March 2016. Watch this space for more information. Otherwise hit up our Twitter (https://twitter.com/uxbookclub_BLN), like our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/uxbcbln) or get in touch with @cklavery or @kaaathrynh for more information. Similarly, you could pop into one of our next meet ups. We would be glad to welcome you with open arms from one bookworm to another.

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Let's discuss "Ends."

Mozilla Berlin office

Dear Berlin Bookworms, Ends makes a compelling case that demonstrates how, over centuries, our changing relationship with death has led to the loss of our relationship with endings. Giving rise to guilt-free consumers, an overly-blamed business sector and a society which finds itself at a loss when it needs to grapple with responsibility. Drawing on a plethora of sources in history, sociology, psychology and industry, he argues that we are taking the wrong approach to challenging the impacts of consumption and that we need to create coherent endings in our product, service and digital experiences so as to rebalance this. Some reviews: "Ends should be on every experience designer must-read list." -- "I wasn't expecting to be gripped by a book that starts out talking about the sanitisation of our experience of death, but that's exactly what happened. " -- "Perfect for anyone involved in delivering a product or service (not just designers), this isn't the book to read if you're looking for simple tips and easy answers - it's far richer than that." Learn more about the author and how to buy the book here: http://www.andend.co/book/

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Let's discuss "Articulating Design Decisions"

ThoughtWorks Berlin

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