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Think Outside The Frame — Cinematic experiences in VR
VR is changing the way we produce films. Remember the times when we used to make 360 videos by manually assembling goPros together? Or when we were still beginning to think of how to tell stories in VR? A lot has changed since then, and a lot has changed in ourselves as well. As film consumers, we can now understand, expect, and demand high-quality VR content. As creators, we can now have easy and affordable access to VR Headsets, cameras, and postproduction tools. And you know what makes all of these facts even more thrilling? That we have only started scratching the surface of the immense potential of VR when it comes to filmmaking. In this edition of VRVienna, we have joined forces with the Filmakademie Wien, and the IVRPA organization to explore together the topic of film production in VR. This month’s speakers will share with us some advanced insights into the process of VR filmmaking. Each of the talks will focus on a different aspect of producing a VR film. From theater to feature films. From traditional filmmaking to location-based entertainment. From art to business. From fact to fiction. Get ready for quite a unique Meetup! SPEAKERS AND TALKS • Sebastian Brauneis & Stefanie Schmitt (Kunst Uni Wien & Uni Wien) — Dramaturgy and Directing in VR • Axel Dietrich & Martin Stegmayer (vrisch) — Location-Based Entertainment VR • Sebastian Endler (Amilux film) — Making Cinematic VR • Virgil Widrich & Martin Reinhart (tx-reverse) — Transforming time and space in cinema and VR PANEL DISCUSSION After the talks segment, we’re going to engage into a thought-provoking panel discussion in which the speakers will examine the present and future of VR filmmaking together, as well as answer all our questions. Get your questions ready! EXPERIENCE CORNER This Meetup comes with a bonus. We will not only hear from the film projects of these extraordinary VR creators, but we’re also going to have the chance of checking out their film projects! And a super extra bonus point? There will be popcorn. Seriously! IMPORTANT NOTE! This Meetup will take place at the Filmakademie building located within the premises of the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in 3.Bezirk! The address is: Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, Bauteil G (there’s a map at the entrance which will indicate you how to get to the right building) Looking forward to seeing you there! ONE BIG THANKS TO... sound:frame, vrisch, IVRPA, and the Filmakademie for making this event possible through their support. We love you! ♥︎

Filmakademie Vienna (Filmstudio — Digital Art Compositing)

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    Let's get together to talk about VR! We are an international group of friends and professionals working in VR-related projects, interested in sharing and gaining knowledge about all things VR. It really doesn't matter if you are new to VR or an expert in the field, whether you are coming from a technical background or a theoretical one, or even if you are not directly related to VR but you're dying to hear what this is all about. All inputs are welcome! We would like to create a space in which we could all share our vision of the future through this promising technology and perhaps coming up with projects together. VR-looking forward to meeting you ;)

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