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The vegan entrepreneurs network is dedicated to people who are hungry for change. We are a community of passionate entrepreneurs, vegan startup founders and people with an entrepreneurial mindset wanting to challenge the status quo across all industries ripe for plant-based disruption.

We organize regular networking events for (future) entrepreneurs and people interested in plant-based entrepreneurship. Through our events we initiate conversations, boost entrepreneurial power and help you to connect with like-minded people. Occasionally, we invite dedicated speakers who share their knowledge and experience and are happy to answer your questions about the vegan startup industry. Currently, regular events take place in Berlin, Zurich and Rotterdam.

Join the vegan entrepreneurs network and meet like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are open for suggestions if you have ideas or wishes for this group.

Please find additional information about the network on www.v-entrepreneurs.com ( https://v-entrepreneurs.com/ )

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Reconnecting to thrive

Westerstraat 187

Important notice: Vegan Entrepreneurs has moved! We are now hosting our community on Vevolution. Please RSVP for our event on Vevolution!

It is FINALLY happening, our first V-Entrepreneurs Network event since our last one on the 24th of February 2020. Wow! We are extremely excited to (re)connect with all our fellow vegan entrepreneurs and can’t wait to hear how you’ve been these last two challenging years.

Because it’s been so long and we’ve all been deprived of inspiring stories and real entrepreneurial connection, our next event will be all about connection. But, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t find an interesting topic to mingle around for those who feel that only talking to people might be a bit too extraverted for their taste.


This meetup is hosted at the Amsterdam based HQ of Willicroft, the very first plant based cheese company to become BCorp in Europe. Founder Brad Vanstone will talk about how Willicroft navigated the pandemic and not only survived, but thrived.


During our side event, Brad and Jeroen will do a LCA Q&A! LCA stands for Life Cycle Assessment, which is a standardised method used to assess the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of a product, process or service. Pretty neat, huh?

For those interested in Life Cycle Analysis, Brad invited Jeroen Wilms from Narrate for a lively Q&A about what an LCA is, where to start and give some examples of companies who completed their LCA and the lessons they’ve learned.


18:00 Doors open
18:40 Kick-off & introduction
19:00 Vegan dinner & networking
20:30 Keynote: Talk by Brad Vanstone
21:30 Side event: Brad and Jeroen talk LCA
21:30 Drinks & more networking


Brad Vanstone - Willicroft
Grandson of a dairy farmer turned plant-based cheese maker. Fuelled by concerns about the future of our planet, and his personal impact on it, Brad began eating a mainly plant-based diet on moving to Amsterdam. He found the transition easier than he'd imagine with the exception of cheese. Unable to find many plant-based cheese alternatives in the supermarket, he started making it at home. Months of experimentation later, and with some basic knowledge of dairy cheese making from time spent growing up on his Grandparents dairy farm, Brad founded Willicroft in 2018.

Willicroft is an Amsterdam based plant-based cheese company. Founded as a dairy farm in the UK in 1957, it was relaunched in its re-imagined form as a plant-based cheese company in Amsterdam in 2018. Willicroft is the first plant-based cheese company to become BCorp in Europe and is focused on making planet-proof cheese plant-based alternatives that are just as tasty as those they're replacing.

Jeroen Wilms - Narrate
Narrate is on a mission to make impact measurement and management a common practice - and eliminate any excuses in the process. Supporting social startups and conventional enterprises through its network of incubators they identify best practices and frameworks and make them easily accessible to professional dogooders. Larded with a pinch of corporate and government they're working on learning platform yourimpact.rocks to scale their expertise and make it available to any better world warrior.


The Willicroft team will make sure you won't go hungry or thirsty during our epic event. They'll prepare an amazing dinner for only € 15 p.p. which you can pay on location. We expect everyone to join us for dinner. If you can't make it, please let us know in advance by sending Stephan a message on Vevolution, because the last thing we want is to waste food!

We'll have a great selection of vegan beers, wines and kombuchas to quench your thirst.


Parking is possible, but expensive. Luckily, the venue is only a 20 minute walk from Central station through the most scenic neighbourhood of Amsterdam. If walking or driving isn't your thing, you could also rent a OV-bike.

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