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2018 Wind-down Hangout with notes and play! -Pole Psychology & Pole Jamming!
Wooo hooooooo! *What a ride* 2018 has been! But, for yon humble instructor and founder, the year that *truly and deeply* made me joyous and inspired to have made the huuuuuuge move to Berlin...for having found all of *you* in it! ^_^ *Rock on* Shining, Soaring Ones!!! Let's continue daring to dream of flying and changing the world!!! (- the best way of starting the latter, of course, by us changing *our* worlds first <3 ) Sooo...it's definitely time for a check-in outside class time,peppered with fun and flight *of course*! ;-) And what better place than the venue where we will be offering our somewhat more informal classes next year! Picked not just for it's *decently placed* pole (a rarity in Berlin!!!!), but *especially* for the *absolutely incandescent* crew running it. After all...its not*where you are*....but *who you're there with* that truly *makes a place*! ^_^ [Watch this space frmore details in future!] So, come one , come all! And feel free to bring along friends or significant others in any shape or size you might want to join you in future sessions...or simply to educate about our discipline so they can *see* the *awe-inspiring bravery and strength* you've all called upon to achieve your *stunning* Breakthrough Moments at classes this year! Whether you're veteran, have only started late this year, or waiting for the new year ahead to enroll, *do* catch the kick-off convo...when we understand some of the psychological profiles that get activated in Pole-ing, and which apply to us we can then understand why we have the Kryptonite Moves we do and be less hard on ourselves for them while getting a sense of how to unblock them and how I'll be assisting you further in session time to dispel them completely ^_^ If you haven't yet started, I'll be ale to already have notes for your personally-tailored curriculum *before* your first session when I'm normally ascertaining and assessing which of your strengths I'll be playing to and what I will be working on breaking down in you! Sorry guys! You know I can't resist being just a liiiiitle cerebral about our discipline.... After all? What's amazing skills (that anyone can acquire if the choose to put in the time and effort) without *our* dazzling hearts and minds guiding them!? Now *that's* choreography *no one but you* can do <3 <3 <3 Then we'll wash that down with some glorious Pole Jamming (on whom I've christened "Jezebel II " in honour of our first pole aaaaaall those years back when we first founded our school in that tiny, crazy, amazing little Eastern Cape city on the otter side of the world!) while more casually reveling in and enjoying all that the *utterly fabulous ad delicious * Monster Ronsons provides ^_^ To this end, definitely bring along some cash for drinks and, if folks want to avail themselves of the facilities, fo the awesome karaoke booths to go *sing out your hearts* in! Intermediate and up crew, depending how much you want to enjoy the Pole Jamming, bring yourPole pants or short shorts or appropriate skirts! And everyone bring along the phones for those glorious kodak moments of course! ^_^ Woo hooooooooo Shining Soaring Ones!!!!! Looking *hugely and happily forward* to celebrating with you all!!!!!!! PS. Please note session bookings for 2018 close from the 9th of December...2019 bookings reopen from the 28th ofJanuary ^_^

Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke

Warschauer Str. 34, 10243 · Berlin

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Worum es bei uns geht

Radiant Greetings Pole Enthusiasts of Berlin! [Updated: 27/01/2018]

I'm the founder and head instructor of the first ever school of Pole in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (and PDSASA Board Representative for the province)... We fast gained a reputation for being revolutionary, not just for our community outreach and welfare and academic and out-of-the-box public performance projects...but also for our revolutionary curriculum dissemination - leading to my students seeing the fastest gains in the shortest time (they get bored at regular pole studios when they move).
Aaaaaaaaaaand...I now live in Berlin! And am ready to spread the love here!

Something that defines my school is accessibility. This is not just regarding physicality and culture and the like...but economically speaking as well!
In setting up shop here, I really want to meet you all and find out more about what's wanted and needed in the Pole scene here in Berlin. I'd love for you to be able to pick my brain about anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about the discipline, if you're new to it, or for any medical and training advice or whatever you might have if you're already in the swing of things...I want to create an awe-inspiring and unstoppable Pole Family here like the one I left behind and miss so dearly...
And, *most of all*, I want to relish in your joy as you take flight...and discover you are capable of achieving things you didn't even dream you could do <3

Our Meetups come in all shapes and sizes now...as sounding boards to allow your opinions to shape my classes and events here yet further...so you can celebrate and bond with your fellow polers (and compare your "Badges of Honour", as we call them ;-) ) over drinks...so you can let your hair down or take centre stage or get down some peer-to-peer learning or just good-old-fashioned get to mess around and freestyle experiment at one of our free, unstructured Pole Jam sessions...or at one of our themed party classes you might have booked for some special bride-to-be or pole addict's birthday...
Basically anything to do with bonding with and nurturing our blossoming Pole Family...never mind for crazy, awesome or special gigs in future!
*Here's to that*!

Outside of these Meetups, we're also kickstarting two-thousand-and-*great*-teen with opening classes to the public, now that I'm returning from the summery south, as of Monday, February the 5th! We're keeping things relatively fluid and flexible until about July (watch this space) with classes in my private residence by the Muggelsee (Köpenick). Sessions are 90min, maximum of 3 per class, 5EUR or 10EUR if one-on-one (although all sessions are individually-tailored. These can be booked via pm Mon-Sat from 10:00 till 17:30 for now. You need not have any previous dance or fitness background, you are not too young or old or big or small...and though these sessions are fun and friendly, make *no mistake* you are in professional, caring hands <3
Let's take to the horizon, angels of Berlin!
Yours in Fun, Flight and Fitness,

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