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Vienna iOS Master Class is going to be a series of Meetup for teaching the full iOS Mobile Development. The class is going to start from scratch and It will give solid foundations for creating real iOS Applications.
This Meetup is perfect for you if:
- You want to learn iOS Development from scratch
- You want to update your knowledge of iOS development (Example: Learn Swift)
- You want to develop your own mobile prototypes and publish them into the Apple Store

In the first event (14/03/2015), we will talk about:
- iOS development introduction
- XCode
- iOS 8 (What's new)
- Swift (Variables, functions, classes, etc)
- Swift transition from Objective-C
- iOS Mobile Development architecture patters (Target-Action, delegates, MVC, Grand Central Dispatch)
- Your first iOS 8 App
- Parse.com as Mobile Backend as a Service for your iOS Apps
- UITableViewControllers
- Navigation Controllers
- Introduction to Core Data
- Your first Push Notifications

Bring your laptop!! You will learn how to create your first mobile application withiOS (If you have your own idea, we can started it and publish it)

About the organiser:
Alejandro Rangel ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/arangelp )
I am a Mobile Frontend International developer that works as a freelance all around Europe. I Had worked with many clients in London, Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona. I had published more than 20 mobile applications in the last year and many more coming soon.

I decided to start this series of Master class in Vienna for creating a big iOS Mobile development community in my new living city.

Where and when?
It is going to be on 14/03/2015 at 10h.
It is going to be a 8 hours event with a break for networking, questions and drinking coffee.
The place is Ega. Windmühlgasse 26, 1060 Vienna. Just in the city center, easy to get there.

I have reserved a room for a maximum of 25 people, so, register as soon as possible.

The Meetup will have a price of 50 euros to pay the room, water, coffee and material for you.

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