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*We are offering both live and online classes. Live classes are held as small groups for more personal training as well as supporting people's comfort levels during the current situation.

I look forward to assisting you in your vocal development.

Your Voice, is your doorway to freedom, expression, communication, relationship, and so much more!! In these workshops you get to be, and discover yourself!!

If you want to get out of your head, in to your body, remember how to be playful, learn valuable skills, be inspired , and learn in a space where you can be yourself, you are welcome.

Regular weekly VocalTECH workshops have been offered in Frankfurt for over 2 years. We have a core community, and new members are welcome. Currently we will focus on smaller groups 6-10ppl so that everyone can benefit from some personal coaching. The workshops include technical learning, playfulness, and in some workshops performance training for even complete beginners. Though we vocalize and learn as a group, the focus is on each of your developing a better relationship with your individual voice. This is not a choir but we occasionally sing a couple songs together and then enjoy solo performances.

The Power of your Voice 'Die Kraft deiner Stimme' is an intensive experience for gathering valuable knowledge on the function of the voice and going deeper into your personal learning on certain topics. This is valuable for speaker, presenters, teachers, as well as singers.

There is a rare quality in these groups, where judgment is put aside and we create a safe space for people to learn. Whether we are experienced or new to exploring our voices, it is an intimate process. Singing can be a positive and creative experience for everyone.

These workshops are offered by Heidi Margarethe Muendel, MMus, Masters in music, opera singer, singing teacher and vocal coach for over 25years. http://www.heidimuendelvoicestudio.com

I take a holistic approach to teaching Voice while offering valuable technical knowledge from my many years of experience.

* Workshops in Frankfurt are usually conducted in English.

* Workshops in Wiesbaden are usually conducted in German/English mix.

I look forward to working with you,


Written by a participant:

'If you love to sing and always wanted to learn the right breathing techniques, you should join our group! We are an international group of passionate singers meeting every Saturday at 1:30 pm in Bockenheim for a professional coaching by Heidi Muendel, opera singer and great coach. We spend the first 45 minutes to 1 hour working on technique, and the last half hour singing all sorts of genres. It is a very special and fun coaching for special people ;-) Feel free to drop in, just let us know you are coming. Contribution is 20,00 € per person. You don't need to attend every Saturday, but we are happy to see you every other weekend if you like the group dynamic. We are usually around 6 people and would love to meet you! 🤩🎤🎼 — at Life-Sound-Studio'


Workshops on Zoom:

We meet on Zoom for some gentle and fun warm-ups and then shared performances on a suggested donation basis.

If you would like to join please send me your whatsapp number and I will add you to the group where the signup, link, and paypal info is each week.

Currently there is a regular core community but a few new members are welcome each week. We are happy to support your vocal discovery and joy!!


*Workshops are being held in creative ways, in fields with suggested physical distancing and online.

Workshops in Frankfurt:

• Saturdays 12:30 'VocalTECH and Performance'

Vocal tips, vocalizing practice, ask questions, maybe even dance, body percussion, harmonies, and other fun ways to relax and learn to sing. Then we sing together for 1-3 songs, and finally people can work on a solo piece in a supportive, non-judgemental environment.

• Saturdays 13:30 'Performance Workshop'

For Intermediate to advanced singers. Masterclass style coaching of solo and duet performances. We do a group warm-up, touch on technical knowledge, and then focus on creating a supportive, non-judgemental environment for people to build confidence and skills in performing.

The Life-Sound Studio, Frankfurt: is an Voice Studio in Bockenheim where people can feel free to be themselves and learn with a fabulous group of International individuals. It doesn't matter your experience or background.

*times and location (live vs online) subject to change. Please check the actual event.

Workshops in Wiesbaden:

Heidi Muendel MMus offers monthly 'Stimmtraining' workshops at The LIGHTHOUSE, Wiesbaden, a Meditation/Healing centre. These are intensive, and personal training for small groups on a particular theme. For Example - YOUR Voice, The POWER of your VOICE, RESONANCE, PRESENTATION... (check Events for dates)

• Lighthouse SINGS!! Wednesdays 18:00 at the LIGHTHOUSE. It is a time to apply vocal technique in holistic ways to discover your voice move fully. We will also explore your voice in playful ways: toning, mantras, rounds, improv...

Heidi Muendel MMUs is an Opera singer from Canada, has a Masters degree in music and has been teaching for over 25 years. She has had a Private Studio in Bockenheim Frankfurt, the Life-Sound Studio, for 6 years.

Private and group singing/voice lessons: are for actors, dancers, singers, and speakers of every age, level, and genre: pop, rock, classical, Broadway, opera, workplace presentations.

Therapeutic Singing: The voice reflects our everyday stresses. Ms. Muendel uses breathing techniques, meditation, movement, and singing to help clients find more freedom in their everyday life.

“Find more freedom and more 'fun' in your singing, and/or build the musical/vocal foundation needed for a career, a choir, or for your living room. I help my students not only learn the tools for singing, but discover themselves through their singing, building confidence and a greater understanding of how to continue a healthy exploration of sound on their own.” - Heidi

We hope to support you in discovering your authentic voice soon!



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