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This meetup group is about people who are making cool stuff with Vue.js or looking for learning opportunities regarding this fantastic front-end framework.

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Vue.js MeetUp

SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH

18:30 Food, Drinks, Social 19:00 Welcome [45min] Level up Your API with GraphQL and Apollo Client, Markus Heer [15min] Break — Food, Drinks, Social [30min] Component-Driven Development with Storybook, Sebastian Rehm [10min] TICKET GIVEAWAY thanks to our friends @ https://frontconf.com/ ❣️ Location, food & drinks sponsored by SinnerSchrader GmbH. ❣️ --- --- --- Level up Your API with GraphQL and Apollo Client, @Markus_Heer The demand for modern, elegant frontend solutions affects the demand for modern, elegant backend solutions. And what’s in between? In this talk, we are going to take a deep dive into GraphQL and its ecosystem. While we are covering the basics of queries, mutations and subscriptions, we will set up a small server with a GraphQL endpoint to feed our Vue front–end with the data it needs. To connect both, we are going to use vue-apollo, an easy to use, yet very powerful implementation of the GraphQL Apollo Client. Markus is a Frontend Developer from Munich, especially passionate about new technologies. Switched from React to Vue.js in December 2017, since he could decide which frontend technologies should be utilized in his latest business project. That's where he also fell in love with GraphQL. --- --- --- Component-Driven Development with Storybook, @_bastiRe This talk investigates why and how we can build our UI’s from the bottom up, putting components first. It shows how storybook enables this process and also helps us to better document and test our components. I’m Basti, a Full-Stack developer and UX engineer who's excited by building cool products. During my career I worked in startups and worked as a consultant for big companies. I’m currently the Lead Frontend Dev at a Startup called Agrando here in Munich where we are building the future of Agricultural trade. After working with React for quite some time I recently transitioned to Vue.js and while I miss some things from React, I overall really appreciate the experience.

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Vue.js Meetup

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