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Talks and discussions for everybody who is interested in PHP, NodeJS, SQL, Docker, Databases, Redis, Project Management, Human Interaction and everything else that has to do with Web Engineering.

Talks will be held on English or German, depending on the speaker and the audience.

Beginners, experts, hobbiest or professionals everyone is welcome! Join us!

We are a non-profit Meetup.

Entry is free!

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Side Projects backed by Github Sponsors && Getting Started with PHP extensions

+++ Details +++ Our next @WebEngAc will be on 22th October 2020 with two awesome talks! This will be third online event and will be done via Zoom: (https://zoom.us/) Location: Your home / Online Get Drinks & Snacks from your stash. Entry is free! If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact us. +++ Talks +++ - Launching a Side Project Backed by Github Sponsors by Matthias Endler (https://twitter.com/matthiasendler) - Getting Started with PHP extensions by Lochemem Bruno Michael (https://twitter.com/agiroLoki) +++ Agenda +++ 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink from your fridge 19:00 - 19:10: Welcome 19:10 - ~19:45: Talk + Q&A 19:55 - ~20:30: Talk + Q&A 20:30 - Open End: Socialising +++ Launching a Side Project Backed by Github Sponsors +++ Here's a trick how to double your income as an open-source maintainer: Just use a calculator. Seriously, though, earning money with open-source is hard! I earned 0 Euros from maintaining OSS software for years, and I thought that's the way things are. I finally looked into ways to monetize my projects this year and I want to share what I learned along the way. It didn't make rich (yet!), but I built my first sustainable side-project with http://analysis-tools.dev. I'll talk about the project and the mistakes I made on the road towards sustainability. +++ Getting Started with PHP extensions +++ PHP extensions are performant code embellishments that serve as additions to the PHP userspace. Also known as modules, extensions are typically C/C++ syntaxes which interact with the PHP engine. My talk features various explanations: from the rationale of extension building, to the structure and composition of modules, as well as a walkthrough on building a less-potent mimicry of the php_trie extension.

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