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Web Meetup Cologne is in English.

Web Meetup Cologne is made for everybody who is doing development for the web, or is interested in that topic. We are a community of very open minded people who are interested in learning new things and sharing our knowledge.

Our meetup topics are as wide ranging as our interests: we talk about using new technologies to enhance our frontends, new languages to make our backend development more easy and secure as well as talking about what it means to do the actual work (including agile development, testing and refactoring).
We make very sure, that every meetup has a valuable learning for everybody, from somebody who is a novice in the world of web engineering to somebody who has been there from the start.
Every meetup will be held in English and we require everybody who is joining to agree to our code of conduct.

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DevOps Beyond Buzzwords && A real DevOps Approach in Heterogeneous Environments

In February our event will be hosted and sponsored by HRS Group (https://www.hrs.de/). Our topic will be everything related to DevOps: • Frederic Hemberger: "Batteries not included: The concept of »DevOps« beyond buzzwords". • The second speaker is TBD >>> Agenda <<< • 19:00 - 19:30: Arrival, get to know each other • 19:30 - ~20:10: Talk #1 + Q&A • 20:20 - ~21:00: Talk #2 + Q&A • 21:00 - Open end: discussions and soft drinks >>> Speakers <<< >> Frederic Hemberger: Batteries not included: The concept of »DevOps« beyond buzzwords << __About speaker__ Coming from a JavaScript/Node.js background, he decided over two years ago to start putting stuff into containers and push them into the clouds. He likes to automate all the things to free himself of tedious repetitive tasks and helps clients to improve the quality and robustness of their software. __Talk description__ "DevOps" is the new black and buzzword machines everywhere are turned up to eleven working overtime. But what's really behind the term "DevOps"? What impact does it have on working relationships and company culture, not only for developer and operation teams? And why does reality often lag far behind the demands when it comes to implementation? >> Frank Mueller: We are Borg — a real DevOps Approach in heterogeneous environments << __About speaker__ Frank is doing DevOps style work since he joined the IT World 16 years ago. He is mainly doing operations work for multiple companies and larger international projects with colleagues from all over the world. In the past year, he was responsible for the migration of a large customer from on-premise to the cloud and introduced new ways of working throughout all tracks. __Talk description__ DevOps sounds cool and easy but in reality, you have to comply with the policies and rules of your company. Especially the understanding of responsibilities among different tracks is difficult. This talk will show you examples of how we are dealing with these challenges on multiple projects inside of a large international company including used tools and technologies and the very special challenge for microservices. >>> Location <<< HRS Group Breslauer Pl. [masked] Köln

Vue.js - Let's have a View on Vue

Publicis.Sapient Cologne

Finally, we will talk about Vue.js. Vue.js has established itself as an alternative to React and Angular. So, it’s time to have a closer look on what this framework is all about. In two talks Andreas Mautz and Norbert Frank will introduce Vue.js and share their own experiences. We will cover questions like: what is Vue.js, how does it work, what are the basic concepts? We take a look at the community and the ecosystem and discuss topics such as scaling, performance, software architecture and future plans for the framework. We will have an occasional look at React and Angular to better identify the conceptual differences, but there won't be a framework battle ;-) Two speakers will guide you into Vue world: • Norbert Frank • Andreas Mautz >>> Agenda <<< • 19:00 - 19:30: Arrival, get to know each other • 19:30 - ~20:10: Talk #1 + Q&A • 20:20 - ~21:00: Talk #2 + Q&A • 21:00 - Open end: discussions and soft drinks >>> Speakers <<< >> Norbert Frank << Norbert is a passionate full-stack developer and JavaScript enthusiast working at Lucom GmbH. He has many years of consulting and programming experience. His other passion is financial education. He's published two books on this subject and is the founder of finfluence.com. >> Andreas Mautz << Der Diplom Wirtschaftsinformatiker hat 1998 in der PHP-Entwicklung angefangen und dabei Zwischenstopps in der Qualitätssicherung für IT-Projekte eingelegt. Seit 2008 entwickelt er E-Commerce-Lösungen mit Magento bei der Agentur webvisum. Andreas Mautz engagiert sich in der Magento Community und ist Mitglied im Vorstand des FireGento e.V. Neben der E-Commerce-Welt beschäftigt er sich mit Wissensmanagement sowie Deployment- und Entwicklungsinfrastrukturen für kleine und mittlere Agenturen auf Open-Source-Basis. In diesen Themen schult er mit der Entwicklungshilfe NRW Agenturen und Freelancer. >>> Location <<< Publicis.Sapient Cologne Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring[masked] Köln

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