Meetup #2: The Future of SEO and Event-driven Programming for the Masses

Web Meetup Cologne
Web Meetup Cologne
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This time we will talk about the future of SEO and frontend development in general.

>>> Agenda <<<

• 19:00 - 19:30: Arrival, get to know each other
• 19:30 - ~20:10: Talk #1 (The Future of SEO) + Q&A
• 20:20 - ~21:00: Talk #2 (TBD) + Q&A
• 21:00 - Open end: discussions and soft drinks

>>> Speakers <<<

>> Radovan Janjic <<
Feasible future of SEO

__Talk description__
In this meetup, we will look back on the global shifts of traffic sources and behaviours of the users in last few years. From this, I will present my conclusions and see what changes we could expect to see in the coming years.

We’ll analyze the development of search engines technology and upcoming trends such as machine learning influence, personalization, and determination of how user ident can influence matching results for the user.

Looking at these anticipated changes in results matching and user preferences, we’ll look into opportunities that could help us to better convert this traffic. On the other hand, we should also analyze and avoid the possible threats that could damage product ranking.

Join me on this meetup to discuss how to improve your product, while at the same time improving visibility.

__About speaker__
So far, Radovan (@radovanjanjic ( has shown remarkable anti-skills for everything he ever tried. Nevertheless, after over a decade of programming for web, he seems to have made a little bit of progress with regards to Front-End development. These days he can be found causing chaos at trivago. In his free time he takes part in extreme sports - chess and drinking coffee.

>> Christian Lück <<
Event-driven programming for the masses

>>> How to find us <<<
Address is:
Im Mediapark[masked] Cologne

Public transportation:
You can reach the Mediapark pretty easy using the train 12 and 15. Stopping at “Christophstraße/Mediapark” you have a short 5 minute walk to the Startplatz building (it has a big silver 5 in front of it).
As an alternative you can use the S6 or S11 to “Hansaring”, which is also not very far away from our location.

Simply use the very big underground parkdeck of Mediapark. If you stop at “section 5” you will be right under our building and can take the elevator up to Startplatz, where we will be waiting for you.