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Hello and welcome to the WebXR Berlin Meetup!

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This Meetup is about everything related to the development of browser-based immersive computing like virtual and augmented reality experiences. We don't want to commit to one specific format or regular events, but instead want to focus on spreading knowledge and ideas through interesting talks or hackathons. We want to give people who are interested in WebVR and WebAR technology a platform to meet likeminded people. Since we're all frontend developers and JavaScript is our daily business, our approach is to strongly focus on the technical side of WebXR, namely developing (as in coding) WebVR or WebAR experiences, related frameworks and HTML5 Web API's, because that's what we ourselves are most excited about. We're looking for people who want to share their knowledge, projects or problems. Do you want to talk about a AFrame.io / React VR / Babylon.JS experiences and project of yours for AR or VR? Do you have a lot of knowledge about a Web API like WebGL or WebRTC or experience in a 3D JS framework? Or could you explain your toolchain to us how to create and export our own 3D assets in Blender? We would be thrilled to hear about it!

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to hang out together, chat, listen to talks, exchange ideas or with or maybe with a topic introduction for an general discussion we have on the fly a talk about a smaller problem or even a talk about a solution you've found, a side-project or an introduction to a framework you really like...  If you'd like give a talk, please feel free to send us a message!


We welcome everyone at our Meetups. That's why we follow and support the Berlin Code of Conduct: http://berlincodeofconduct.org/