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This group is a place to find out what dance classes are offered in and around Zürich. If not otherwise stated, listings here are for classes in English. Classes taught in languages other than English should list the language(s) they are/can be taught in. Feel free to list your classes here.

We are also associated with a social group that goes to dance parties together. If you are looking more for parties than classes, check us out at:

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Barre au Sol (floor barre workout) class

ZeoT - Zurich Centre for Oriental Dance

Barre au Sol (often called floor barre ) derives its name from the warm up technique in classical ballet, "barre". This technique uses exercises which are modified to be done sitting or lying on the floor and are non weight bearing. This non weight bearing approach removes stress from the skeletal structure and the joints. Dancers often use this technique to improve their posture, strengthen their core muscles and enhance their precision, helping them make corrections to their posture that remain in their muscle memory for when they are standing-up. Doing these non weight bearing strengthening and stretching exercises also greatly assists non-dancers in their daily lives helping them to become more aware of their posture and everyday movements. By developing a heightened awareness of one’s body, good movement habits and developing muscle tone and flexibility, one can avoid and/or heal sports injuries as well as chronic pains from office jobs or simply bad movement habits. Using this technique, mixed with my own experience teaching adults, I have over the years developed barre au sol classes done to music which combine classical ballet elements with some body conditioning. I believe that an hour dedicated purely to oneself, without pressure or judgement, working on connecting and feeling how one moves whilst at the same time having a professional eye encourage and correct one physically can be extremely beneficial overall. I have had students of all ages and professions come to me and tell me how good they feel after class, how much they enjoy the classes but also how much it has helped them ease pains and heal old injuries. Whether you have always wanted to take a ballet class and thought it impossible, are afraid to go back to doing sports after an injury or are simply looking for a good healthy work out this class is for you. Taught by an experienced graduate of the National Ballet of Canada's Teacher Training Programme this class offers a way to correct posture and work-out while having fun and feeling good about oneself. This isn't about anybody else its about understanding what your body needs to help be energized and function in daily life without pain and or future injuries. Class given by NINA GORING Cost: 200 CHF (160CHF student) for 8 week course, 18.00 - 18.50 Wednesdays Register: http://www.zeot.ch/courses/

Belly dance introductory class

ZeoT - Zurich Centre for Oriental Dance

BELLY DANCE BASICS is a class where you'll prove to yourself that dancing can be incredibly transformative as well as lots of fun! You'll learn basic posture, moves and combinations, learn to isolate and undulate your body, dancing to different arabic rhythms and music....get ready to shimmy in style with ALIA! You're going to enjoy a fun, energetic and challenging dance class using muscles you may not use often to build a strong feminine body. Belly dance increases core strength and overall stability as well as being a great way to relax, develop your self expression, body awareness and meet other women. You will love discovering the potential of your body as you move to beautiful music, enjoying the wildly feminine strength and softness of this dance. You'll be surprised and delighted how easily you can dance enjoying the sense of power and freedom that comes through movement. Cost: 240CHF (8 week course) , 200CHF for students. If you miss a class, you can catch up by going to any of the many classes on offer at ZEOT dance school. Register: http://www.zeot.ch/courses/

New URBAN KIZ Classes + Party included " sensual touch "

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NEW SEASON REGULAR CLASSES OFFER WHEN : Starting TUESDAY 11st SEPTEMBER WHAT : 18:30 ADVANCED URBAN KIZ 19:30 INTERMEDIATE URBAN KIZ 20:30 IMPROVERS KIZOMBA 8 LESSONS 1 hour each + party included in the price - 200 Chf ( Possible also to take classes paying per hour - Price 35 Chf per hour ) SUBSCRIPTIONS AND INFOS: [masked] www.kizombatouch.ch[masked]

Sensual touch 2018 - Every Tuesday Kizomba classes and party.

Escherwyss Club

10,00 CHF

SENSUAL TOUCH IS BACK !! After the big success started in 2016, we are back with the New season and new concept 2018/19. PRE-PARTY CLASSES 18:30 Advanced 19:30 Intermediate 20:30 Improvers 200 Chf - 8 classes 1 hour each + Party included Possibly to take classes per hour at the cost of 35 Chf ( party included ) Info and subscriptions [masked] -[masked] www.kizombatouch.ch PARTY From 21:30 PARTY 100% KIZOMBA with DJ SKIN ( 10 chf entry )

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