Growth Hackers Zurich - Growth Cases & Expert Panel

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Dufourstrasse 43 · Zürich

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Location: by train to Stadelhofen station and trams 2, 4, 8, 9, 11 to Kreuzstraße

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Attend our next growth hacking meetup to learn from growth cases from other companies, listen to the expert panel discussion and contributions from the audience.

The meetup is open to everyone who is interested in new customer acquisition, activation and retention strategies. We typically have a balanced audience, from startup founders, marketing experts, product designers & developers.

This meetup will include:

• Growth cases - Representatives of 3 startups will give a short pitch followed by a 5-10 min presentation of their growth cases. They have been warned that their ideas & strategies will be heavily scrutinized!

• Panel - Experts in relevant fields will validate and provide input to the discussion. Following the growth case presentations, each case will be discussed for about 10 minutes.

During each presentation and panel discussion, all attendees can post and vote questions to startups, the moderator will decide to ask some of the questions after the panel session.

The discussion will be moderated by Luke to ensure maximum value for everyone present.


6.30pm - 6.45pm Registration & networking

6.45pm - 6.50pm Introduction by Luke Szkudlarek

6.50pm - 7.50pm Presentation of Growth cases & Q&A

7.50pm - 9.00pm Networking

The Growth Cases:

Cook Eat ( is an online community marketplace for home-cooked food to allow any private individual to eat a healthy, fresh homecooked meal without having to cook by buying meals from other private individuals. As a marketplace with network effects, it has high growth potential but also faces the common “chicken and egg” problem. Cook Eat is struggling to gain traction despite multiple different growth hacking approaches - why is this? Based on existing customer research, over 97% are excited about it, but almost 0% act on this excitement - why?

Project XYZ
Penny Schiffer is a venture investor and startup entrepreneur, currently working on how to make the fundraising for startups and investors more efficient. She is passionate about matching promising startups with the right investors.
She would like to discuss how to
- get the critical mass for the matchmaking onto the platform
- monetize the different value propositions
- create an awesome onboarding process ( is on a mission to become the easiest way to obtain a car for a monthly payment. By connecting different stakeholders of the industry (leasing companies, manufacturers, dealers), the marketplace is proposing listings based on a monthly price on their platform and are working to digitize the full purchasing journey. Backed by TAMEDIA group, the startup is currently shifting their focus from a quantitative to a more qualitative funnel and would like to discuss with the panel how to get to a more scalable and sustainable growth.

Meet the Presenters:

Ela Haney & Matthew Brandt (Cook Eat)

Ela is Co-Founders of Cook Eat. She is a creator of digital products with over 10 years of experience in the field of visual communications.

Matthew is Co-Founder of Cook Eat. As a Digital Analyst with over 8 years of data projects and experience on both client- and agency-side.

Penny Schiffer (Project XYZ)

Leo Chevailler (

Meet our Panelists:

• Marketing strategist - Lydia Bronze (Global Marketing Strategy Analyst, sloggi)

• Business Strategist - Burak Yetiskin (Keiretsu Forum Angel Investor)

• Digital Marketing - Stefan Vetter (CEO of Wortspiel)

• Analytics / Paid Media / MVP - Mario Colombo (Partner,


Luke Szkudlarek (Partner,