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The JavaScript library ReactJS is revolutionizing front-end web development all over the industry – and it's gaining momentum fast. Let's meet for discussions, hands-on training and off-topic rambling!

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React Zurich August Meetup

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Save the date for the React Meetup in August ☀️ We're excited to have the chance to chat with other React developers. The August meetup is the third one in 2019 and will be hosted by Digitec Galaxus (be aware, this could still change). The goal of the meetup group is to share React knowledge within the community, and provide a place where anyone can discuss issues and solutions to interesting problems. As always there will be free beer and snacks. Spread the word — everyone is welcome! Talk(s) * to be confirmed If you're interested in either hosting the meetup, or speaking at the meetup, get in touch with us. We're actively looking for speakers and locations and would love to have some diversity in both areas. Talks can be either full length (max. 45 minutes) or lightning talks (10-15 minutes).

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