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This group will focus on developing a series of Events/Workshops/Lectures where themes around Career Transformation, Career Evolution and Career Change will be the main subject.

I'm committed to building a group of committed professionals who are looking for valuable content around the topic of career transition and transformation. This may be out of the norm for this platform in Zurich, but I'm interested in the people who are willing to go the extra step to truly make a change in their lives.

Our Career is more than just a sector of our life. And our work, is much more than just a means to earn a living.

Our Career is the place where we can express who we are, where we can contribute to the world and where we can grow, in all senses.

By being satisfied, fulfilled and happy in our Careers, we make sure that also the other aspects of our life get into balance. If we are fulfilled at work, everything else we need to tackle, seems easier.

This is a group for people who want more from their work than just a salary or a job that they do not really care about.

It is for people who have a need of waking up every day and start doing work they love and which corresponds them, as they are fully aware, that life is too short to do work which we do not care about, by not being able to use our inner strengths and talents.

For people who are fed up of accomplishing with corporate politics, hierarchies and bosses who do not care about their personalities.

It is for people who have an idea (or too many) who have a vision of their future career, for people who want to do something which is meaningful to them.

For people who are committed to making something happen, who are open to change and acknowledge that self-awareness is the first step for this change to occur.

It is for people who are open to learning, who want to understand how to transform their Career situation into a fulfilling series of powerful actions.

The events will find place in English and German, as well as Swiss German.

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