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We know how to network, we have our own community website and a large member resource to help others and their business or careers.

Meetup, Facebook and Linkedin Groups complement https://www.zurichnetworkinggroup.com and good business has been done between members as have other initiatives or charity events.

Our members are not all active at every event and in 2019 we still need speakers with an informative or educational 20-30 minute topic to come forward and volunteer.

We ask you only consider this group after you understand and read the following:

• Your profile will be reviewed and we do not accept anyone who has a url as their name or similar, not a photograph or similar without a name. Why? How can you message anyone with no profile identity? When someone tells me, I will change the rule.

• You accept and understand that the purpose of the group is to help people to develop their business and personal career network relationships. That means when asked to support those seeking a new job, or to contribute with some ideas which will help others.

• You only secure discounts to events if you register on the group website as a supporter or supporter plus member.

• You accept that for many events you will need to message the organiser if you decide to not turn up after registering. No message = no show update on the event in meetup.

• You understand that the Linkedin 4000+ member group is invite only, joining the Meetup group does not automatically give you access without attending an evening networking night event or signing up for supporter or supporter plus memberships.

Not all we do is serious, interesting trips have included PSI, Falcone, wine tasting with Matthias and a lot more.

Any questions, please reach out to Andrew directly.


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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar