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Social Running Group - Aargau & Solothurn. 
Slow runners / active walkers are welcome (a short cut on the trail is normally made), as are dogs!
We mainly speak English but Swiss-German/German speakers are very welcome! Most of us speak a bit of both.
Our aim is to bring together local Swiss people and expats who want to socialise and exercise at the same time. It's a great forum to meet new friends.
The main prerequisites are a sense of humour, willingness to meet new people, open-mindedness, tolerance and a general sense of fun. 
We meet SOMETIMES on the 4th Saturday (or Sunday) of the month, and also SOMETIMES on a Monday evening!!
The "trial" is set by the "hare" and normally between 8 and 15km (or 4 to 8km for walkers). This is followed/found by the group/"pack".
Everyone helps each other along, so no worries about getting lost!
It's a bit like "hares & hounds" or a paper chase.
Anyone can join by showing up at the designated meeting point on the day. 
This is definitely fun running/walking, not competitive!!!
The Hash House Harriers are an International Group founded in 1938 with over 70,000 active worldwide members. We are a running group - we also have walkers as well - that focuses on on the social element rather than just running. This is why we also welcome slow runners, power walkers and other walkers.
"A Drinking Club with a Running Problem. 
A Running Club with a Drinking Problem. "
A beer/drink stop may be available on trail, but definitely at the end! :)