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Angular Cologne Meetup - NestJS for Angular Developers / CDK Component Portals

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Angular Cologne Meetup - NestJS for Angular Developers / CDK Component Portals


Dear Members,

we're happy to announce the next Angular Cologne Meetup on December 15, 2020!

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and for your and our own health this will be our first online-event!


Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88993244565?pwd=cDE5OVNVMGs1TnZqMTNXaGkrMEFhZz09
Passcode: ngcologne



18:45 - "Open doors"
19:00 - Talks
20:15 - Wonder.me Chatroom (Bring your own Beer & Pizza) https://www.wonder.me/r?id=b6ec6e24-0a40-48b3-bc1f-477cb6b31686

Talk #1
"NestJS for Angular Developers"

Writing scalable server side software can be a daunting task when it comes to Node.js and the vast JS ecosystem. The open source NestJS framework provides an excellent toolset for teams large and small to build and maintain such applications. The well thought through architecture of Nest is heavily inspired by Angular and so by definition you can re-use a lot of your existing Angular knowledge while flipping between server side and client side code.
I am going to present the core concepts of Nest and give some hints on how our customers use it in real life projects.

Talk #2
"Dynamic Component Portals instead of switches in Angular templates"

When handling multiple "same but different" components in Angular we often tend to use switches or ifs and elses in our templates. This means that we inflate the component classes and templates with lines of code which seem to be redundant or at least annoying. To overcome this issue we should use dynamic component portals as provided by @angular/cdk. Using them we can replace the template-driven component selection with JS/TS code that is a whole lot more maintainable.


We're looking forward to inspiring talks and discussions.
Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Your Angular Cologne Team

P.S. We're also proud to announce that Angular Cologne now has it's own Website powered by scully.io: https://angular.cologne!
Even thouth the page is currently quite empty, we will make sure to upload links to slides, code and recording here in the future!

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