Virtual Autonomous Driving Meetup #1

Autonomous Driving
Autonomous Driving
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After 3 years, 13 Meetups and 2400+ members, we are planning our first _virtual_ Meetup on Autonomous Driving on May 19! 🎉

Our special take on the matter will certainly remain: the Meetup aims to provide a broad overview, with talks from software companies, startups, OEMs and Tiers; addressing anything from convolutional neural networks to safety and legal questions.

The link to the web conference will be made accessible to everyone who made it to the attendees list. 😉

___ Agenda ___

_ Introduction & Welcome

_ Session 1: Design 3D Scenes for Automated Driving Simulation
Shashank Sharma & Peter Fryscak, Mathworks

• Design scenes with roads, markings, signs, signals, and other assets
• Export to common simulators and standard file formats like OpenDRIVE
• Simulate scenes and sensors to test perception and closed-loop controls

_ Session 2: Simulation Standards for the Development of AVs
Nicco Dillmann & Benjamin Engel, ASAM

ASAM e.V. is a standardization association focusing on seamless data exchange. The transfer of OpenDRIVE, OpenCRG and OpenSCENARIO has opened a new chapter in ASAM history. Since then ASAM released a new version of OpenDRIVE and OpenSCENARIO in the beginning of 2020. Along those activities a strong and collaborative community enabled ASAM to start several other standardization activities to support the development and validation auf ADAS and AD features in simulation.
In this talk we want to give you a short overview about ASAM and especially the Simulation Domain, before we show you a modeling example demonstrating the usage of ASAM OpenDRIVE and ASAM OpenSCENARIO.

_ Session 3: SiaSearch - Providing the Key to the Treasure of Driving Data
Dr. Mark Pfeiffer, SiaSearch CTO

Autonomous vehicles record huge amounts of data. In order to allow for data-driven development, insights into the recorded data need to be generated, specific data needs to be selected for refinement or archived. SiaSearch is a fast and flexible semantic automation layer, carefully designed for mass sensor data to significantly accelerate engineering workflows. We’ll dive into our data enrichment pipeline and how our solution to scalable data access can make thousands of hours of driving data available instantly.

_ Session 4: Data Enabling for AD Function Developers
Felix Müller, DXC Technology

To develop autonomous driving functions, petabytes of data need to be collected. This leads to many challenges that we solve at DXC Robotic Drive. We will look at some of those and how to overcome them:
- Ingest & store huge amounts of data from cars
- Provide the AD Function developers easy access to it
- Monitor ingestion, data quality & data collection

___ Further Details ___

_ The talks are all held in English and will take ~20 minutes each + ~10 minutes Q&A
_ Sponsor: Warmest thanks to Mathworks for enabling this online Meetup event by providing the web conferencing tool!
_ Exact time slots for the presentations may be adapted