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.NET Conference 2022 - Episode 2: Azure DevOps Services Fundamentals

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.NET Conference 2022 - Episode 2: Azure DevOps Services Fundamentals


This year we will host the virtual .NET Conf. 2022 session at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. This is the regular lesson for students who learn .NET at the university as a part of the Software Engineering Course.

Session Abstract
In this session, you’ll learn how to use Azure DevOps to develop and deliver quality software solutions. First, you’ll see how to manage code using Git as well as how to collaborate and review the code. Finally, we will do a short dive into CD/CI features of the platform and how to manage builds and release pipelines.

Session Agenda
- Introduction to DevOps
- Source Control with Git
- Code Reviews and Collaboration
- Managing Builds and Release Pipelines

Speaker: Armin Kalajdzija, LinkedIn
DAENET GmbH - ACP Digital

Please note this session is a hybrid session.

Event Location: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - Building 8, Room A14

Azure Meetup Frankfurt
Azure Meetup Frankfurt
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