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B2B Berlin September 2017

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Hallo B2B Berliners,

Bad news: Summer is over

Good news: B2B Berlin is heating up

This month we're partnering with Infosys's Innovation Fabrik here in Berlin to showcase some of the most exciting companies in B2B tech.

As always, we try to bring together cool and interesting B2B tech companies with a real twist and interesting value proposition. We're not just another event presenting just another food app.

But we will have food! and Beer!

So what are you waiting for?

Join us!



CarbonHero ( is a SaaS solution that enables businesses to offer climate protection and carbon neutralisation of their product or service to consumers. In particular we want to empower small to medium sized businesses by providing them pre-calculated offsetting options in case deep and rich data isn’t available yet. Andreas Riedel, CEO of CarbonHero will presenting today.

SmartElite ( is a provider of world class digital remote freelancers focusing on developers, designers, marketers. SmartElite matches vetted top talent with curated top companies. Matti Niebelschuetz is founder and CEO of SmartElite and has a 10-year track record as startup entrepreneur and digital consultant.

Tasko ( provides hassle-free outsourcing of digital tasks with quality assurance: Tech, marketing support, design, data entry & more – from $5–25/hour. Eric Anderegg and Harshit Tripathi will present their 1-year old startup and explain how they’re changing the way SMEs outsource.

See you there:

Greg, Anthony, Karan, and Ian (Team B2B Berlin)


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