Empowering Socio-Economic Networks - German Bitcoin Week Frankfurt


LIVESTREAM on https://youtu.be/RlHLKA9CemI

We are excited to meet our Community in person at Frankfurt Blockchain Week.

Welcome to another b4H #Coalitions4GOOD MeetUp: Thu - AUG 27th, 2020

Starting time: 18:00

Venue: Bitcoin Frankfurt
Zentrale Coworking Space
Berger Straße 175 · Frankfurt

We believe that Community Currencies can transform fragile communities to resilient and prosperous socio-economic networks.
-Community Currency or Social Currency- is the most impactful use case powered by blockchain.

"Money is an agreement within a community to use something as a medium of exchange" -Bernard Lietaer

Join our sessions designed to discuss in more detail the approaches and best practices to implement Blockchain powered Community Currencies.


- Intro Blockchain for Humanity Initiatives
- Community Prosperity: Use Case for Community Currencies
- Passive Charity: A Bonding Curve Use Case
- Trustlines: an open source technology stack for peer-to-peer mutual credit.
- Dynamic Panel: Panelists/Moderator
- Network time! Drinks and snacks

Let’s do this together!