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Let's meet on a regular basis and exchange knowledge, experience or points of view around Smalltalk. The meeting should give you the opportunity to get to know current Smalltalk implementations like Pharo or Squeak. Previous Smalltalk knowledge is an advantage but not a requirement - beginners and advanced Smalltalkers are welcomed. It is strongly recommended that you bring a laptop with pre-installed Pharo that can be downloaded from Pharo Download Page (Linux, Windows, MacOS) (http://pharo.org/download)

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Group for people that are interested in software develompent with Smalltalk. The Smalltalk programming language and its implementation provide support for the creative spirit in everyone. It does not matter if you are a software developer, researcher, professor or a motivated student - as soon as you want to be able to examine every part of the system, make changes and get instant feedback, Smalltalk is the world you want to be part of.

Open, portable, malleable and practical object-oriented implementations such as Squeak (http://www.squeak.org/) and Pharo (http://pharo.org/) are of a particular interest. They are the plattform for a wide range of frameworks and tools used for application development:

• Web frameworks such as Seaside (http://seaside.st/), Aida (http://www.aidaweb.si/) and Illiad should attract developers part of the Web community.

• Amber (http://amber-lang.net/) is a Smalltalk inspired system that runs within a Web browser and makes client-side Web development without JavaScript possible.

• Executing a Squeak image directly within a web browser is now supported by SqueakJS (https://bertfreudenberg.github.io/SqueakJS/)

• Magritte (https://code.google.com/p/magritte-metamodel/) implements a meta-driven approach to support the end user customization of Web applications.

• Pier (http://www.piercms.com/) is a application and meta-described content management system based on Magritte.

• Moose (http://www.moosetechnology.org/) is a platform for software and data analysis.

• PolyMath (https://github.com/PolyMathOrg/PolyMath) offers a set of tools for scientific computation in Smalltalk.

These are only a few examples.... https://twitter.com/hashtag/thingsPeopleBuiltWithSmalltalk

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