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The Berlin Change Days is a forum for change makers, change facilitators and transformation agents. Come, learn, network and celebrate together with people from around the world! This group will hold the community together in online meetings.

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The art of bridging the gap


The person in pandemised society seeks security and finds it in retreat, while restrictive patterns are being established at high speed.
At the same time and in contrast to that fluidity and designability in role are of the essence, desireable and essential. Persons and organizations have to actively bridge that gap. I will propose options for leaders_as_persons and companies_as_systems how to dynamically handle that gap, and will explore and enact some of these options with the participants.

Facilitation for Future - inner transformation, responsibility, activities

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What could a new global network that acts locally, like the Facilitators for Future, achieve? What added value could arise globally from many local individual facilitation actions? Which connections could be formed that really support co-visioning, co-creating, and co-acting so that something completely new and better can emerge? As a facilitator more often than not, you may have experienced the magic and power that arises when diverse groups of people come together in a safe space full of connection, creativity and co-creation. How often do they find unexpected solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems?

What if…
…we were crazy enough to think really big?
…we were brave enough to act really big?

We invite you to a exploration trip towards utopia: What could be possible with an ignited community of like-minded and facilitation skills on board?

BondNow! How a 60min routine can set off a firework of substantial connectedness

Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

We invite you to experience the fun and ease of connecting with real people. With joy, appreciation, and gratitude you will create trusting and deepened relationships with colleagues or complete strangers. A wonderful and new interaction model that ignites that innate goodness in all of us ! The workshop will run participants through the highly interactive BondNow routine of connecting, building trust and having fun for 60 minutes and engage everyone in 30 minutes of joyful reflection.

The Art of Authentic Collaboration: Bridge-Building At Its Best


Fundamentally, this session is about transforming how we approach the art of collaborative relationship-building. During this time of the “Great Turning”, humanity is at a pivot point in needing to let go of unsustainable ways of working together. The ultimate lever is collaboration – an art, skill and science. Let’s shake things up by questioning how we relate, how we solve problems and how we make decisions. This interactive session introduces the distinctions between conventional collaboration and authentic collaboration. With this new framework, we’ll dive into the nuances of soft power - blending the creativity of the mind with the authenticity of our heart. This way of interacting values relationships, not just results. It’s about cultivating curiosity, power sharing, co-created vision, vulnerability, deep listening, radical honesty and belonging. When change-makers collaborate in this manner, inspired collective action and synergy emerges. Extraordinary outcomes, creativity, shared understanding and high impact all become possible in this container. Interwoven into the fabric of this conversation will be stories about multi-stakeholder partnerships and UN field experience. Participants will be invited to play with two exercises – one that involves self-discovery and one done with a partner. The intention will be to generate insights about the subtleties of collaboration, particularly when conflict arises. The overarching message is that addressing our complex societal challenges requires authentic connection, relationship intelligence and quality dialogue This is the path to shift out of us versus them to we’re all in this together.

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Futures Council: Don’t let the vision slip away


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