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Do you spend a lot of time with computers? Suffering RSI? Improving the way you interact with your computer is a way to become a better programmer, reduce pain, or become a faster typist. Let's meet to share with others the devices we use to interact with our machines.

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Third Berlin Meetup of 2023


If possible, please come a bit earlier (18:30) to help us set up the tables. Thanks!

For 2023 we want to continue our regular meetups at every last monday of each month.

This meetup is meant as a community driven event to talk, socialise and mostly about getting experince with other boards.
Bring your Keyboards and Input devices, take photos of others boards, connect with each other. Attending is free, guests and newbies are also very welcome.

The c-base is an uniqe location, ran by an open minded friendly community with an affinity for hacking and tech stuff, so mechanical keyboards are fitting in here perfectly.

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Second Berlin Meetup of 2023