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For Berlin based Startup Entrepreneurs who want to learn, grow, gain essential skills and make valuable connections through networking. We do this is by delivering a regular series of: Workshops, Networking opportunities, and Speeches. This Meetup is ideal for people who:

-have a great idea and want to launch a business,

-have started a business however you are struggling,

-do not yet have an idea however know you want to be an entrepreneur,

-are already a successful founding or working in a startup ,

and would like to improve your interpersonal skill set

Join us today and start connecting and learning with fellow entrepreneurs in the Berlin Startup Ecosystem right away. Please join us to network, learn, have fun and just plain build better startups. See you at an event soon.

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Digitales Lernzentrum Berlin

Free introduction into Design Thinking and Leadership. *German description below* Together with DigiForge, Inspire Change offers a free introduction to Design Thinking and Adaptive Leadership. Practice the basics of design thinking as a way to harness your creative energy and learn how to develop innovative solutions and implement them successfully in your organization. In this free, fun, fast-paced and interactive workshop - you explore the basics of Design Thinking - you develop your own technical solutions - you gain an insight into organizational development and learn the basics of how to successfully communicate changes in a team. - you practice pitching, wireframing and your innovative bone. This event inspires cooperation, innovation, leadership and curiosity. On top of that, we offer free beer and snacks and a chance to network with like-minded people! This event is part of a series promoting digital skills. Check our other workshops on Cyber Security, Social Media Marketing and AI. The workshop will take place at the Digitales Lernzentrum at We Work (Sony Center). Just let the security know you’re coming to our event and they will show you the way. ----- Zusammen mit DigiForge bietet Inspire Change eine kostenlose Einführung in Design Thinking und Adaptive Leadership an. Übe die Grundlagen von Design Thinking als Methode, um deine kreative Energie zu nutzen und lerne, wie du innovative Lösungen entwickeln und diese in deiner Organisation erfolgreich umsetzen kannst. In diesem kostenlosen, lustigen, rasanten und interaktiven Workshop - Erkundest du die Grundlagen des Design Thinking - Entwickelst du eine eigene technische Lösung - bekommst du einen Einblick in Organisationsentwicklung und lernst die Grundlagen, Veränderungen erfolgreich in einem Team zu kommunizieren - trainierst du Pitching, Wireframing und deine innovative Ader. Dieses Event begeistert für Zusammenarbeit, Innovation, Führung und Neugierde. Darüber hinaus bieten wir Freibier und Snacks sowie die Möglichkeit, sich mit Gleichgesinnten zu vernetzen! Diese Veranstaltung ist Teil einer Reihe zur Förderung digitaler Kompetenzen. Schau dir gerne auch die anderen Workshops von DigiForge und Inspire Change angeboten werden. Der Workshop findet im Digitales Lernzentrum im We Work (Sony Center) statt. Lass die Security einfach wissen, dass du zu unserer Veranstaltung kommst und sie wird dir den Weg zeigen.

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Digitales Lernzentrum Berlin

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