Blockchain Mania #16

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"When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and others build windmills.", Chinese proverb

Hello guys and gals,

Another meetup is cooking well and this time we have the honor to present you with a special event based on the COBILITY Project. The COBILITY initiators;Hamburg's very own Chainstep together with and Xain will be present and informing us about this promising enterprise!

We want to thank all the involved parties for taking the effort to create such an interesting event. This event is co-organized by:
1. Digital Hub Logistics (
2. Innovationsforum Hamburg (
4. Blockchain Mania :)


18:30 Opening Words: Omri and Kiriakos
18:45 COBILITY: the decentralized network for the transport logistics
- Frank Bolten
19:20 Quick break for refreshments
19:30 Enterprise ready blockchain based on Ethereum - Thomas Müller @
20:00 XAIN: secure and trusted human to machine interaction - Nick de la Forge @ Xain
20:30 Networking
22:00 Good Night

COBILITY & Chainstep:
Under the motto „We´re bringing blockchain to the real economy“ CHAINSTEP is offering consultancy, training and technical implementation. CHAINSTEP is co-initiator of COBILITY. By this initiative, XAIN, and CHAINSTEP want to build a network for the transport logistics with truly decentralized governance.

XAIN is offering a technical solution which is giving the user the direct ownership of, and control over, their data. XAIN’s technology is enabling ALL TYPES OF DATA-sharing interactions, from small devices to enterprise data automation, in a privacy-preserving manner. Our technology, therefore, facilitates business innovation such as knowledge inference, without compromising DATA PRIVACY with the power of DLT and AI.
See You there,
The is an open Blockchain ecosystem, built to enable decentralized cooperations. Operated and owned by a consortium of independent companies, the is the first Blockchain, which allows building decentralized applications compliant to European data privacy standards. It combines the advantages of decentralization in the public chain with high performance and stable coins in private Chains to enable companies to easily implement blockchain use cases today!

What a unique opportunity to learn about all these new projects. We hope to see you all there are excited to meet you all.

Omri, Kiriakos, Jan, Konstantin, and Frank