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Every innovation needs a viable business model. It is not enough to wow your customer. In the end your product or service also needs to make money. That basic truth is often neglected in classic Design Thinking. Business Design cures that flaw. Read more here (https://medium.muz.li/why-business-design-is-the-most-important-skill-of-the-future-b0ed451003c7).

Defining your business model has to be part of every innovation strategy and Business Design must be an integral part in your design process.

In this meetup we will look at the commercial side of innovation. How you design a business model for a new service or product and how you can hack an exsisting model to find new market opportunities.

This is the meetup for all the Business Designers out there. It does not matter if you call yourself Business Designer, Venture Archtitect, Business Developer, Service Designer, Design Thinker, Digital Strategist or Innovation Manager. All the people who design and hack business models are welcome.

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