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Cloud Native Computing Meetup | August 2023

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Cloud Native Computing Meetup | August 2023


Please join our August 2023 CNC meetup on Thursday, August 24th 2023 at 16:00 CEST.

VMware Switzerland GmbH
Baslerpark – Room “Matterhorn”
Baslerstrasse 60
8048 Zürich

How to find us:
Using public transportation: take trams 2, 3, and 4 and hop off at "Kappeli"; buses 89 and 83 and hop off at "Letzipark West;" bus 31 and hop off at "Letzipark;" or take the train and hop off at Zürich Altstetten and walk 15 minutes. If you come by car, use the “Letzipark Parking” just a one-minute walk from the venue.

16:00 – Door Opening
16:05 – Welcome, Intro, & Announcements
16:15 – "Spawn – the Actor Mesh" by Marcel Lanz (Netcetera)
16:55 – 5 minutes pause
17:00 – Session 2 by VMware (More details soon)
17:40 – 5 minutes pause
17:45 – "Infrastructure as Code for Kubernetes Applications using cdk8s" by Malte Reimann and Jun Zhang (AWS)
18:25 – Final words, networking & apéro

Session 1: "Spawn – the Actor Mesh" by Marcel Lanz (Netcetera)

Serverless runtimes are often hidden in cloud providers' offerings and exposed solely by their programming API and deployment procedures. In this talk, we'll explore an open-source Serverless runtime built for the cloud and on-premises, running on the BEAM with a polyglot programming model (Go, Javascript, Java, Rust, ...) to build general-purpose applications. We'll see how the BEAM and OTP are an ideal fit to build a Serverless runtime and to build applications in a cloud-native way. After an introduction to Serverless and a polyglot programming model, we'll present the open-source project at eigr.io, where we implemented the core of our runtime based on Erlang/OTP and written in Elixir.

Marcel Lanz is a Senior Software Architect at Netcetera. At heart, he is an engineer and generally curious about how things work. He has worked professionally for over 20 years in different fields like embedded- and realtime-systems and with enterprise systems in healthcare, insurance, and fintech industries. Marcel enjoys time with his family when he is not exploring all things Go, Erlang and Serverless.

Session 2: By VMware
(More details soon)

Session 3: "Infrastructure as Code for Kubernetes Applications using cdk8s" by Malte Reimann and Jun Zhang (AWS)

How do you define your Kubernetes applications? Do you write lines of YAML or do you maintain many custom CLI scripts? Why not use the programming language you are writing your application in, to also define your application running on Kubernetes? In this session we are going to use the open source ckd8s project to code more and configure less when defining our Kubernetes applications.

Malte Reimann and Jun Zhang are Solutions Architects at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Zurich. Malte is a trusted advisor to small and medium sized businesses in Switzerland, and has a background in computer science with research in software engineering and mixed reality. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring the Alps on a mountain bike or with hiking boots. Jun helps Swiss customers identify opportunities as well as their risks, and architect cloud-based solutions to achieve their business potential. He has the passion for sustainability and strives for solving current environmental challenges with technology for a better future. He is also a huge tennis fan, who enjoys playing board games a lot.

The event will be recorded and made available later on VSHN's YouTube channel: https://vshn.tv – subscribe to be notified of updates!

We expect all participants to abide by VSHN's Conference Code of Conduct: https://www.vshn.ch/en/code-of-conduct/

If you would like to talk about your cloud-native projects at the CNC Switzerland meetup events, just send us your talk suggestion here: https://cnc-meetup.ch – we look forward to hearing from you!

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We will abide by the current COVID 19 regulations to be announced in 2023.
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Cloud Native Computing Switzerland
Cloud Native Computing Switzerland
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