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Webspeed / web performance optimization meetup for developers, designers, and business experts, based in Cologne, Germany. Hosted by Ingo Steinke and Sonja Felix, kindly supported by Avenga Germany.

To make sure our meetups provide fun, welcoming and professional environments, be sure to accept our Code of Conduct!

Webperformanceoptimierung: Meetup für Developer, Designer und Businessexperten, alle 2 Monate bei Avenga am Kölner Dom. Während der Covid-Pandemie finden die Meetups online statt. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Avenga Germany.

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Hosted by Ingo Steinke (https://www.ingo-steinke.de/) and Sonja Felix, kindly supported by Avenga (https://www.avenga.com/) Germany.

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CGNwebperf #35: Stéphanie Walter: Design & Performance: the forgotten cases

Wednesday, 5. May[masked] p.m. CET, Stéphanie Walter will join us online and tell us about design and the forgotten cases of performance optimization. Video meeting will start 15 minutes before so you can test your connection, camera etc. and have some small talk. The event will not be recorded.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this will be an online event using zoom. Please RSVP to the meetup event to receive video link and event updates!

Speaker: Stéphanie Walter
Organizer: Sonja Felix, Ingo Steinke.
Thanks to Avenga Germany for supporting our event!

18:45 Greeting, Small Talk, Soundcheck
19:00 Talk, followed by discussion:

Stéphanie Walter:
Design and Performance: the forgotten cases

What happens during those few milliseconds (or seconds) of loading between the white browser and the "perfectly loaded" page? What happens if a data is missing, if a server takes time to respond, responds to an error, a missing resource, etc.? Designing these "forgotten cases" greatly improves designer/developer collaboration on performance topics. Avoiding errors, empty screens or components with layout shifts also greatly improves user experience. Let’s talk about how to design for performance, perceived performance, for those forgotten cases and beyond, like for offline, background sync, etc.

Stéphanie is a User Researcher and Designer who focuses on building user-centred, inclusive and accessible products and services. She spent the last 10 years helping her clients in different industries (banking, financial, automotive, healthcare, press, travel, etc.) deliver successful projects to their audience, all the way from strategy to the final products and services. She teaches and likes to share her passion for her work on her blog and at conferences. Her claim to fame: she once helped redesign monitoring panels for tower cranes. Don't hesitate to reach out to her for questions and advice.

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